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Weird is how ah bird that can articulate a thought. All right. Weird, weird. But in this case life saving because, according to Anton Win He owns the bird. His parrot started yelling at him in the middle of the night last night. And what could only be described as one of the creepier. Scarier things. Ever imagine being a woken in the middle of the night by a parrot screaming Anton Anton. Anton What? Anton Anton. What? Pants on Freaking nightmare. Right measure animals screaming at you only in a dream. Except this happened. And it turns out that that nightmare was actually when Anton rolled out of the rack because that bird woke Antawn up. Anton Anton Watch on and on. The reason the bird was screaming. Is Anton woke up and realized that there was smoke. It was smoke in the back of his home. There was smoke because the house was on fire. No man Anton runs downstairs. Grabs the bird gets the hell out of the house. This is not a dog barking. This is Anton talking, or I should say the bird talking. Anton Anton. Why? Smoke. I don't know. Maybe just screamed his name but apparently screamed his name Enoughto wake him up. Which is an amazing story. An amazing story because apparently the bird the bird is in fact, a smoke detector. The bird detected the smoke. Ah, minute before the smoke alarm. So not good news for the smoke alarm in industry, but great news for the parent community..

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