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Between one thirty four in Burbank Boulevard so that's definitely adding to the drive there a brick like start right there as you approach the one thirty four Sherman oaks one one easy to pull over the van Nuys right lane taken away and there's more going on in west Covina ten eastbound from hold to the fifty seven three right lanes closed the connectors to the fifty seven north bound and south bend shut down westbound citrus to point to you've got the two left lanes taken out and watch out for a full closure in Westminster for five southbound you're off the freeway just between Springdale in Westminster set up along the exit but definitely a little slowing there before you get off the freeway if you're taking the fifty seven southbound labor to imperial highway three right lanes are closed and work in mission Viejo takes out the three right lanes of southbound crown valley parkway to the seventy three got problems in corona it's a full closure ninety when he's found the fifteen fifteen south bound to ninety money spent close just part of that you will be detoured on the fifteen freeway and Rancho Cucamonga the fifteen north bound for foothill a big great hit a trailer that was lost in the lanes it's off to the right children now leaking a little cooler so that's causing you a slight delay your next report eleven fifty five on Barbara Brooks of more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio partly cloudy in the morning hours little more marine layer coming our way but otherwise sunshine a little bit cooler temperatures as we go on shore call it low seventies upper sixties at the beaches with southern California's most accurate and dependable forecast M. C. B. S. twos Garth cap KNX ten seventy news radio it's eleven forty seven the virus death death tolls that we've been reporting involve real people and real emotional pain for the people who love them a local man spoke with CBS two K. Caroline news reporter Chris Holmstrom.

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