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The last week in in really burst into the spotlight as freshman year congresswoman kathleen rice i mean people know that she has been a a reformer and a critic of of nancy pelosi but she came out with possibly in to correct me if i'm wrong but i think the strongest anti pelosi statement she is the one primmer of that caucus the called her out directly yesterday saying that pelosi's appearance set women back and quite frankly our party back for decades by failing to more forcefully confront the allegations of harassment against connors q majan for somebody for a freshman member of congress to take on the minority leader that the uh the former speaker that way i mean it goes to show you the kind of anger but also the kind of opportunity that presents itself in a situation like this and what's interesting is not only people remember that next session particularly if democrats are in the majority but there will be if democrats do win the majority or too close to it it will b on a wave of democratic women elected from across the country women many of whom were almost radicalize or or pushed into running by anger over donald trump and they are simply not going to tolerate the practices now the congressional practices of recent decades yet we saw that even with the virginia governor's race i mean you know that really was one and lost on northern virginia suburban women and i feel like if i were a republican or democrat looking at 2018 or 2020 i would be thinking how can i court that group of suburban women there's no question it's becoming a galvanizing age as you point out nancy barbara comstock is in one of the most interesting congressional race in america it's a a doubledigit clinton district held by republican and there's been a lot of questions belly how is she going to kind of separate herself from this in order to try and win reelection again this issue screams out as one that could potentially galvanize a lot of a lot of voters seeing her take a leadership position on on the other side we saw there's a democrat named dan mccreevy whose.

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