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Happy Monday in your step admitted a human's Rachel Hollis is shooting her upcoming show. Ritual has an upcoming show yes richer Hollis is shooting a show that she has that will be on a platform of Whitby. It comes out in April and she is on set with a whole crew humans pointing cameras and telling her to be awesome. Uh onscreen so she is doing that and I am here to Regale you with some fun. Some encouragement reminder of of how much we are in control of what we do. If you have never been here before where have you been. We have been doing this on the regular for ever and ever and we are excited excited that you're here. We are a community of people who do not look the same who do not act the same who do not believe the same the same love the same and we still come come together sometimes. It's because of those differences that we are able to connect and see the humanity in each other in in that humanity. He may be afforded an opportunity to stop some of the sharper edges of our heart and connect better with other people. Welcome to start today morning. Show my name is state. You know what we haven't done for a Very Long Time Ladies and gentlemen please rise and remove your hats. It's hot it's starting so this one is.

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