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Doctor about she has accused Senator Rand Paul, who has been Very vocal like yourself on this issue in the Senate about the activities the conduct of Dr Fauci. Uh, he says that Rand Paul doesn't know what he's talking about. Let's go back momentarily to that the way that he Parses language to try to cover up his potential culpability here. Let's just what what? What's the sort of language that Dr Fauci is using? To try to get off the hook? If you will. Oh, I apologize. He basically revised the definition for gain of function. In a way that's completely useless. And the bottom line is anything that you're doing to take a natural virus to make it more dangerous, More pathogenic, more transmissible is gain of function. It gains the function that it did not have, naturally, and that is what is clear happened. In this case with with this research, and you don't have to take my word for it. You don't even have to take Senator Paul's work for it. And Senator Paul is right. And Dr Fauci is wrong in this case. Look at Dr Richard Ebright at the University of Rutgers, who is a scientist with expertise in this area, he said the same thing look at self identified Democratic journalist Josh Rogan, who wrote an entire book about this. He's no friend of Rand. Paul said. Rand. Paul is right. Dr. Fauci is wrong. And so Fauci is hiding behind the death of the useless definition of gain of function research. He redefined in 2014 and 2015 in order to continue that in order to ensure that he could continue to provide this funding to these organizations. Now I'm not saying there was malicious intent here. The intent of doing this type of research is actually to get ahead of the next pandemic. They believed they were doing something noble, but they were taking incredible risk throughout the process. Many people flagged these risks. It's the reason this whole oversight committee was set up in the first place. The initial pause actually came from the Obama administration. If you can believe it, and without she devised ways to get around the paws, and that's the problem. So this is a question of the old Clinton. What is the definition of is the legalistic terms that he's trying to use here? I think we could flashback to the latter nineties. It would be similar, but obviously in a much more catastrophic way. Um and there is one point I think that that should be Attended to in this whole situation, not only all of the arguments that you make of what happened in the sequence of things, but this is a you know, a medical professional that the United States citizens are supposed to trust. The world is supposed to trust and yet he was doing These gain of function experiments with China. Now there's not a lot of trust rightfully so between the United States and China. Yet Dr Fauci certainly seemed to have all the trust in the world with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In China. You find that problematic. Incredibly problematic because we now know base and declassified documents that there was a military activity happening at the Wuhan Institute. They weren't also operating at the level four biosafety that you need to handle dangerous viruses like this. They're operating more akin to the level of safety. You see at your local dentist office. We also know that lab leaks have happened that happened here. In the United States at some of our our best labs, so the humorous involved in going forward with this and honestly the arrogance and contempt with which about she addressed Senator Paul In that hearing, I think was absolutely inappropriate and despicable, particularly someone who's just been deified by the media. For the last 18 months, it really should offend every American. We've had their lives upended by this pandemic. Agreed. So final question for you What I think you mentioned this before. But what would you like to see happen as we move forward. The documentation 900 pages a good start. But that's just the beginning. Is it not? Yeah, so I want you know he should be fired or resigned. Although I have no confidence that provide administration will do that. You know, we're limited in our ability because in the minority to hold him to account, we can make a referral for lying to Congress to the Justice Department. But Merrick Garland, and by extension, Biden control the Justice Department. So we really have to push on declassification. Congress needs to conduct its own investigation, and ultimately, we're going to need subpoena power in order to do it, so we're going to have to take back the house. That's one thing. I'm pretty confident of that. We can do that. You know, we're gonna flip a seat here, Wisconsin with Gerrit Van Orden. That's incredibly important. I know it won't fix every problem, but that gives us the ability. You know, with people like me people like Congressman Jim Jordan and others who are tracking it. To do a thorough investigation and get to the bottom of this thing. Well, thanks so much for continuing the pressure and trying to get to the bottom of this thing, because that's what every American I believe, truly wants. Every American Who has reasonable doubts about what has played out over the last several years leading up to and beyond. Covid 19 thanks so much U. S representative Mike Gallagher for joining us in the Vicki McKenna show. Thank you. You don't have a good day. Yes, indeed, US representative Mike Gallagher, representing the eighth Congressional District here in the state of Wisconsin, representing quite frankly, the interest of Wisconsin and the people of America. We need to know what happened and we need to make sure it never happens again, if indeed, as the evidence is clearly pointing to we've got a lab leak. That's a big problem, and that's a big accountability issue on guys like Dr Anthony Fauci, Fauci lied. People died coming up next Governor Tony Evers sure has some polling problems. Now I wonder why we'll delve into that coming up with Dr Will Flanders, research director at the Wisconsin Institute for Lawn Liberty. Interesting new poll out by Will that next in the Vicki McKenna show. Hang on..

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