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That reminds you to stay cool and always bet responsibly. Not really headlines this episode episode twenty two because we've got enough on her plate with the playoff matchups and appreciably. We're going to start in the north division and we're going to start with the toronto maple leafs and the montreal canadians now. Toronto bested the haves seven to in season series. Does that matter to you. I mean when when when you're going into the playoffs and you're lucky head to head matchups during the regular season. Does it all matter to you or do you just simply look at the roster's the depth the maple leafs have particularly upfront and gulf now. Toronto needs to be heavily favored. Here I think it's a cliche to say it's brand new season. Anything can happen Because in some cases one team is appreciably better than the other give you example in one thousand nine hundred four when the rangers won the cop. We got into the playoffs with the new york islanders in the last day of the year. Jamie mclennan often says that that four-game sweep should have been ended in three. They beat a six nothing. Six nothing five two in the first game we could say it was a new season. They were just better. It didn't matter if we played them one hundred times. They were just better. Yeah now. I'm not saying that decisive and advantage but toronto is better and in my mind. It would be an enormous upset if montreal lint. I'm not saying they're not capable of it right but it would be an enormous upset. And one of the reasons drake's i think everybody focuses on the offense of difference between the two teams right the least defend incredibly well and if i think we have in our minds how they used to defend when they played a bunch of five three games. They don't do that anymore. they're one of the best teams in the league at Spent at spending the least the number of minutes in their own in a game. I think only dallas is better their second the leafs are. Yeah whatever in yours own. They've gotten terrific goaltending from kabul. I think that can be a wash but carry price could be a difference maker could be. That could be what they have to hang their hat on. I think the leafs are as good as montreal. Defensively and appreciably better offensively. I curious to see. I mean taveras the near lander in particular of late last fifteen games or so. I've been really solid offensively right that second line for the maple leafs has been rock-solid nick felino can stay healthy your top sex looks pretty strong. And then you bring riley nash into the equation. Expected to play with kerr foot and ilya mckay of i mean top nine and oh by the way your fourth line especially thornton and wayne simmons. That's that's tough to match up and division. It is because it's dangerous from a couple of different places and the one thing you have to guard against. If you're montreal is that you spend all your time trying to figure out how to stop them right at some point you have.

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