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It's a it's a symbol of the peace process buildings without any substance on the inside that's what it reminds me of instead of negotiating over land where israel has the advantage voodoo now talks of demanding equal rights in a single country other palestinians take to the streets is it these gentlemen are involved but if we talked to one of tabatha outside the empty parliament building we met a group of palestinian men preparing to protest one in a black tshirt gave his name as league and you've lived around here all your life so he says my childhood i've lived here through an interpreter he said the us embassy move confirms what he already believed amid can i made couple do not trust the united states he said step by step israel is nearing its goal of confirming jerusalem is its own and the us embassy is another step sounds like this protest is firing up around the corner is that what's going on clashes have started the man said and soon the spreading protest blocked not only the road we drove in but the street we plan to drive out guys throwing rocks at passing up here shitless masks we backed up and we went winding through the streets seeking some other way out we have arrived now at the site of the us embassy opening which takes on added significance because there's so much happening in this region right now npr's peter kenyon covers it all and he's with us at the us embassy here peter i believe you heard an assertion last night that suggests what's at stake yes yesterday jerusalem mayor near barkat said this is more than just a new building or some people moving from one city to another not just a relocation he says it's a new world order and a new order for the mideast does that mean well it's kind of.

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