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We also have a chance of rain, light rainfall and a wintry mix Wednesday into Thursday. Right now. 43 degrees to DFW Airport. The news is brought to you by Mueller Inc. Now this could be named the covered 19 vaccinations Super side, according to Governor Abbott, the governor says Texas is working with FEMA to establish the sites, which would likely include Dallas and Houston. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says the county's been communicating with FEMA about a potential location for a so called mega center. Things are moving along very quickly, and we're hopeful Then we will build it to add that force multiplier, According to the governor. The concept would consist of 5 to 6000 additional vaccinations per day, seven days a week for eight weeks. Clayton Nevil, WB AP News In his second week on the job, Dallas police chief Eddie Garcia's weighing in on an ongoing debate over how to handle small amounts of marijuana possession. He stressed to the City Council of Public Safety Committee that his concentration will be on violent crime. Again, Mostly cloudy overnight below ground 37 right now it's 43 downtown Dallas from the W B A P News desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. Your next update at nine o'clock 24 7 coverage. WB ape calm Whenever you're out and about take us along, just download the W B A P. M wherever you want us whenever you want. Us Use talking 20. W b A p w b a p dot com Yes, he gave Frank Murphy. Thank you for your C P A..

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