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This is not a spoiler you learn in the very first episode she's having a tumultuous incestuous affair with her brother which is a whole other can of worms that i don't want to open with regard to hillary rodham and and her brother so so who she says in this book there's is a scene in game of thrones when sursee is publicly shame she has to strippeddown naked and walk through a town and everyone in the town throws things at her and says shame shame shame for the sins that she is committed and so here's the passage from her book as pointed up a choice bering crowds at trump rallies called for my imprisonment more times than i can count they shouted guilty guilty like the religious zealots in game of thrones chanting shame shame while searcy lancaster walked back to the red keep now i i understand now now think about this for a moment but for the purposes of leading herself a pure like some sort of victim at the hands of trump's zealots she is willing to compare herself to this evil bloodthirsty murderous woman who plays into every stereotype of everything that you have probably already thought about hillary clinton but but just so she can have that little bit of cash aid to say i am i was publicly humiliated just like this woman and gabe i bet she's never even seen game of thrones this is one of those things that a ghostwriter to exhibit or trust me it's really him everyone lubbock game of thrones that so hot right now trust me this is great and in the meantime she's actually i guess in a flatteringly way in a flattering way sangyon just like just like that woman who's sleeping with her brother and his willing to kill anyone to stay in power now excellent comparison hillary one you congested you have difficulty breathing for your nose we have pressure in pain above your eyes below your eyes and it's been going on for years you've gone to the doctor.

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