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I two interested in From unders carlsberg said the news. Today from sweden regarding kim nilsson foam ability and full thieving according to initial reports after the crush meeting was cancelled at nine about the elections Over in sweden. So is always you. Keep up with kim nielsen. Very very good rod or in a years since he wrote over can read some of the more come and say coach bryan and does Southern richard paul dave elliott's. It's evening all greater here. You talking about superb. Wolves win from monday nights with on what he will stop talking about twice as hard all over the moon. That the coming back says paul compton aveeno said richard hello sets. Simon is easy is equal high on the lead. Then yeah we have to kill him and brilliant so yeah i'll in paps. We'll talk a little bit about coming upcoming meetings. And for wolverhampton and for birmingham. This mass well kickoff with birmingham. Because that's going to be a grudge match birmingham jail car. Wash the rules the rules. We didn't make the rules And that worked against us plenty times before so you take them when they worked for you. It's just the look the draw it's going to be however much it certainly is a red car. Starts it before auden particularly raikov start the season but they've had a very very start to the season The big surprise from as being sculpted a tremendous of Driving against glasgow relatio- strengthened a little bit with The militia mentally and. yeah. I mean that that's a surprise. Buffet difficult to say where birmingham is it in. The pecking good. The moment. Maybe zuma much isn't it so one one one one home match mating quite while the wire including losing much just two points against red house should win at baruch on the up so which seems tall. Begun almost seems like another season giving. We stopped and started. He can't lawrence. Rogers said it's good news about came nelson. He's first team manager newport. Really nice lead. They gotta okay. Talking about birmingham starting next wednesday the thing to remember i think we can put the details up in the moment is as i understand it at the moment. There's still no walk him tickets. Which is a big problem so you make sure you get online at make. Sure you boy. Those tickets ice up. We really really need your support. In fact civil confinement. Be interesting to see. I the clubs. Copying regarding walking's tickets. And had i do it and so forth. Does your club walking's would love to know. Don't see many of them all on our walls on. Well that's interesting craig. smith says. Have you seen the news about coventry. The alternative plumbing application for the campaign group has been submitted to the.

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