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It's an attorney general acts on election, urging prosecutors to look into allegations of fraud. Covert crisis deepens These rates of girls are truly killing. Supreme Court considers Obama care This case could have an impact on 21 million people. Good morning. I've Steve Cave in with the CBS World News Roundup. President elect Joe Biden's being denied the government resource is to ease the transition of power. The Trump Administration's put up a roadblock as the Department of Justice gives prosecutors the green light to investigate the election here. CBS NEWS White House correspondent Paula Read. Attorney General William Barr has given the president's unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud, a boost by allowing prosecutors to go around longstanding policies. To investigate allegations of fraud. There have been no factual allegations that support the idea that there was any kind of fraud or in proprieties. Election law expert David Becker served in the DOJ during the 2000 election dispute in Florida. No circumstances should the attorney general or the Department of Justice. Be Serving as the president's personal lawyers. Bars memo gives DOJ the okay to investigate. It does clearly state parameters. The president is also shaking up his own Cabinet using Twitter to announce the firing of defense Secretary Mark Esper. Esper was the fourth person to hold the job in four years. CBS NEWS Political correspondent at O'Keefe With more on the administration bid to undercut any smooth transfer of power, the transition office is being blocked from full access to federal agencies. Bye. Emily Murphy, a Trump appointee who leads the General Services Administration that handles the logistics of a transition has said Murphy will only grant Biden's team full access and funding when she ascertained the winner is clear and binding, Harris Transition official told reporters. If the NSA doesn't act soon, there are a number of options on the table. The two Republican U. S. Senators in Georgia have called for the resignation of Secretary of State Brad Raph. INS Burger He's the head of Georgia's elections and a fellow member of the GOP wrappings. Berger says he won't quit. He's indicated there aren't enough outstanding votes to send Georgia into President Trump's column. Or than 10 million Americans have been infected with covert 19. Since the pandemic began. There have been more than a million new cases since the end of October, and caseloads are on the rise in 47 states. CBS is Janet Champollion is in one of the current epicenters of the outbreak. This is what it's come to Adele Paso Mobile morgues filled with a backlog of bodies, and it's not enough. There will be 10 of the trucks in the next few days were all a little bit overwhelmed at the purchase Funeral home, Nina Macia showed us a room filled to capacity. How are these families coping when you talk to.

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