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Well if you ever needed a slap ever someone love you enough to give you the slap you need not a lot a man's but i guess he heads nodding seriously if you ever needed someone to crack upside the head and somebody loves you enough to actually do it figuratively. Maybe even realistically if you're a dude you need someone to call you on the mass remaking. You couldn't couldn't stop yourself. You couldn't stop walking into the same stupid senate again and again and then somebody who loved you enough challenge in buffet upside the head and you took a wound from that you take a wound when somebody who you love challenges you and calls you on your your foolishness or you're saying that hurts because you wanna look you want to think that they see the best than they do. That's why they call you to the best. But you want to think that i don't wanna seem less than their eyes or whatever else would hurts when a friend challenge to do better and calls you on your stuff but those things are far more to be trusted than the pleasant words of someone who claims to be close folks. We as the church should not should not should not be afraid of accountability. We as his people should not be afraid of the healthy words that are gonna reveal love in challenge in our lives and to be honest. Probably mostly again this. Otherwise you wouldn't be in my church your pastor. That's just part of the deal. I know there's a few that are like faster brother colin. Just what do you tell me it to me. I know you're going to give it to me anyway. That's right because you wouldn't be calling me if he didn't want the cool water of the clear reason that i'm going to throw out that way and that's good like we have to have the freedom between each other to share with each other. The truth is we see it the challenge each other with the truth that we have a good vs eight to fourteen. Starting at verse tenants. That says this do not forsake your friend or your father's fan. Do not go to your brother's husband the day your calamity better a neighbor. Who's near new brother. Who's far away and this is something that we're familiar with. Even as a cultural norm the idea the tested and true friends are better than a history of blood with someone else. You see what it's saying is basically this is that blood is where you start but real bonds are built. Long-term family is family and it never stops being family but their relationships in the brotherhood and the family that we built here better as the people who are closed. Let me tell you my family physically thousands of miles away my family's here. My brothers and sisters are thousands thousand miles away. And there's there's oceans between thousands thousand miles away and drive it's canada. We could do that right thousand miles that way. They're not in bc. but i have family in new lack. Why because i have tested true brother's i've tested and true sisters. I know that there are many many people who are my family that. If i call them i had need if i was struggling and i had meet if i needed support for whatever else. Barry's going through. I call barry. He'll be there. I know it. That's why when. I hug a hug that brother and i love and i tell him..

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