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It's moved more westerly than anything which is really a surprise to us typically the winds for us you know blow and pull that stuff. More forward, and we were concerned about it coming the biggest concern population wise is for it to go north and east and be pushed up toward red feather lakes and Crystal Lakes. It has not made significant progress up on that end, which I'm very pleased we have had moved more towards Rocky Mountain National Park got to a point it. It created evacuations in the Pingree Park area and up over. Into the zones a little bit east of there and dropping back down. So that's definitely concerned that one of the things I would share with your listeners is that's a fire that's not a lot of recalled direct attack. They're really having to do lines along lays out because the way that fires burning. So despite that number of zero consent percent containment don't be lulled into thinking. There's not a lot of work being done. There's a lot of lying being done a lot of it's done mechanically, they've got bulldozers working cutter is a lot of operators up there. It's just a ways out. From the fire because of how large that was when they started and the kind of timber there in it's not something you typically put hand crews right into. So the line that they're doing is further out and I suspect what they're going to end up doing is is more back. Burn operations wants to get those lines complete and then remove that fuel in between because this fire been spotting a fair amount. So if you do just one small line and the fire gets to, it's still going to be spotting past it. My understanding is to and I I didn't realize this but got into a fascinating discussion with my stepson just yesterday who had watched On fire fighting and a lot of this is, as you said mechanical, it is a creating containment areas and basically defensible zones to stop the spread of the fire. Yes and you know there's a lot of fires that we have. That will direct attack with hand crews and engine crews this one and you know your listeners if they visit up in those areas, we've all watched for twenty years and we've talked about the fire that's bound to come through in that Beatles kill this up there very heavy timber and older forest you know. Relatively. And just a whole lot of fuel stacked up in there, and that's not the kind of environment you can it firefighters into safely. So give us a lot more mechanical. Fascinating seven, sixteen now thirteen ten, Kfi a thirteen, ten KFI. K. Dot Com joined this morning by Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith. Sheriff Smith, a very sombre heartbreaking memorial yesterday as boat procession on Horse Tooth, reservoir friends, family, and colleagues of. Lamoure County Vote Ranger Brendan Units lined the shores of horse to throw up to celebrate his life to honor his legacy Brendan Unit died Thursday night trying to help others at horse tooth you re you released video statement on this yesterday. What can you tell us about the circumstances that led to his death? Well, I'll start out with the premise we're still collecting information but from what we have right now what appears to have occurred was that ranger unit was out working his regular shift that evening and likely had intentionally. put that boat ashore over on the west side had beached it to go over and Based on what his colleagues tell us do foot patrol. There's there's vote in campsites that area and it's believed that he probably was over there his colleagues did hear him on the radio when the call for distress went out and unfortunately that's not a recorded channels. So we don't have that recording, but but they gave witness statements they heard him it was it was somewhat broken as that point winds that were we understand to be thirty five plus miles. An hour had blown in unexpectedly and for those who recreated horse tooth they know unfortunately that's not unheard of in that area a little microbursts come from experience. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Comes through quickly and and so what we believe is that when he raced back to his boat to go over to provide assistance that the land and the water had likely pulled that boat on the shore and knowing that's the piece of equipment he knew to to retrieve to get provide Protection and assistance to the folks that were in trouble on the east side that he had taken his self-inflating life jacket off, which is something he would only be wearing all the time however self inflating it's one of those. They hit the water it would have inflated put in. We're told put him on his back and he wouldn't have been able to do anything to. Retrieve the boat. So based on what we know from his colleagues, we believe that's why the the life jacket was found on the west side just across from Rotary Park and little later on in the evening after they're done the rescue and we're not able to locate a ranger unit they did locate US patrol boats just below Rotary Park near the eastern shore. So From that point, they had done you know basic searches and really it was it was the big alarm everybody came in in a Tudor fire, our folks, the Rangers, Colorado, parks, and wildlife pulled boats from everywhere. They could Denver. Police Department brought a helicopter as Colorado National Guard. So we really were searching your water land and air I hoping that he was maybe on the shore and trying to hike back and just didn't have his radio however after enough searching, you know the the focus really became on in the water we believe that was likely where he was and. By sometime a little bit after three am on Friday one of the Colorado Parks and wildlife boats with side scan sonar was able to locate a target off the shore a little ways and about twelve feet of water, and in fact, that was to the body of Ranger, unit and After some more work, they're able to recover his body and bring him back in. So we are still looking for witnesses that might have any information the corner did rule accidental drowning,.

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