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Definitely on on the hook not doing something is doing something and a few days later after publicly criticising sessions in a new york times interview remember that crazy interview trump ordered previous to demand and sessions resignation preset bad idea. You'll never get a new agey. Confirmed trump said he would make a recess appointment to replace sessions and previous called called mcgann for advice. What do i do about this one and he told them not to do it and they should consult their private counsel with whom they have attorney client privilege and it's not mentioned here here but we know that bannon priebus and mcconnell the same lawyer named burke william burke and priebus mcgann also discussed resigning rather than carrying out trump's order to get rid of sessions so trump followed up with priebus asking if he got sessions resignation letter previous purposely lied to trump and said he was working on it but he called him later and said firing him was a mistake and trump agreed to hold off and then he tweeted should about him all weekend but agreed not to fire him so real quick. The obstructive act here is the president's effort to send sessions a message such through lewandowski would qualify as an obstructive act if it would naturally obstruct investigation or any grand jury proceeding the president sought to have sessions uh-huh announced that the president should have special prosecutor and that sessions was going to meet with the special prosecutor to explain this very unfair <hes> and and that it was very unfair and let the special counsel move forward with the investigation election meddling for future elections so that nothing can happen in future elections in the president wanted sessions to disregard his refusal which he had followed from a formal d._o._j. Ethics review and and sessions declared that he knew for a fact that there was no russians involved with the campaign because he was there and the president further directed the session should explain that the president should not be subject to an investigation gatien because he hasn't done anything wrong <hes> taken together the president's directives indicate that sessions was being instructed to tell the special counsel to end the existing investigation into the present isn't it with the special counsel being permitted to move forward with investigations in election meddling in future elections so yet chang schick and then next to official preceding as described above by the time of the president's initial one on one meeting with lu in taos ski. The existence of a grand jury investigation supervised by special special counsel was public knowledge so matt <hes> and then intent substantial evidence indicates the president's efforts to have sessions limit the scope of special counsel's investigation into the future elections was intended to prevent <hes> the investigation investigative scrutiny in the president's two thousand sixteen campaign conduct substantial evidence jack jack jack yeah. He's not just like i feel like you're going to need this more later. Worry about me now. Nothing fishy here at all nothing to see here and and <hes> militias the timing and circumstances of the president's actions support the conclusion that he sought the result to curtail the investigation and the president's initial direction that sessions should limit the special counsel's investigation came just two days after ordered baganda have special counsel fired which is itself <hes> which itself followed public reports that the president was personally under investigation for obstruction of justice. The sequence of those events raises an inter inference that after seeking to terminate special counsel the president sought to exclude his and his campaign conduct <hes> from the investigation scope and the president raised that matter with lou danske again on july nineteenth just two d. just days after emails and information about the june ninth two thousand sixteen eighteen meeting between russians and senior campaign officials had publicly disclosed generating substantial media coverage and investigative interest and the manner in which the president acted did provide additional evidence of his intent rather than rely on no <hes> on office channels the president met with lugansky alone in the oval office and the president selected a loyal devotee outside of the white house house to deliver the message supporting an inference that he was working outside white house channels including mcgann who had previously resisted contacting the department of justice about the special counsel..

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