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You will you go to you're listening to keep the faith nine jonah crews were often caught on the fast track of six fast so much that we don't need a good weekend you right in front of us greg mertha learn this lesson by it two cancer to slowing down enough to see in greg recently passed away but now before writing out of the blue would have powered by bob guy who threw me to greg and his family was to experience what is you like to get inside the wall street is of extravagant greg's widow tracy now shares his stories about allowing ourselves to be interrupted one time when greg move getting keno at manner no he had forgotten his email come and go he was running late already and he had to go out into the car to get the wrong and he was walking down the hall any found girl holding in the net all the busy hall wayne he had a horror movie which new man that she was a cancer patient any chink looking down in tears in her eyes fooled any his key earnings said hey unnoticed your you have the worm cancer patient and she said you yes nam nam nam today and she had the hang normal came here then only half move there are many or tori white hart lane how i mean i think the nato away well now and then encouraging not a bowel net you doing and fateh hospital where he half hand perry have have hermano illinois all along the winding down and loving and pain in her gene let me.

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