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His politicisation and his attacks on governors is really, really appalling. Really appalling. The guy that leaves the southern border open. Who has no idea who's coming in who won't even go to the southern border. Now. What's the rule here? What are the laws? We're going to take a little time on this. And I'd be remiss very remiss if I didn't point out. The speech didn't have to be given today. This speech didn't have to be given today. In two days. It will be 20 years since 9 11. He's so cynical. He is so devious. He's such an S O b I Despite some more than Obama, you wanted the truth. He's such an S O B. That he does this in hopes of deflecting attention. From the disaster that still is Afghanistan. In the 80,000 Afghan allies who's still stuck there and the citizens. Who are stuck At the Mazar e Sharif airport. They only want to talk about Kabul where they got one jet up. And what's interesting to me is, you know they're cutting deals and making concessions left and right with the Taliban, and we don't know anything about what they're discussing or what they're doing. Nothing. Well, she says person we have to rely on them. They're the only ones to rely on. Well, you ensure that situation you gave them the country. You gave them the power and now you're complaining. They're the only ones you have to rely on. Who else we're going to deal with. Now let me get started here. This is from history dot com. In 19 Oh, one, a deadly smallpox epidemic tore through the Northeast, prompting the Boston in Cambridge Boards of health to order the vaccination of all residents. But some refused to get the shot, claiming the vaccine order violated their personal liberties under the constitution. One of those holdouts, a Swedish born pastor named Henning Jacobson. Took his anti vaccine crusade. This is how they wrote it all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court, the nation's top justices. Issued a landmark 19 Oh five ruling that legitimized the government's authority to reasonably quote unquote underscore infringe upon personal freedoms, drawing a public health crisis. By issuing a fine to those who refuse to.

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