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And this week, we have a very special guest joining us for America's favorite game show. America's favorite. Father. Ken Raskin. Coach. He's so thrilled to be here. Some very excited. I. Don't very excited A. Can't wait to hear these hypotheticals. He was trying to get me to tell them ahead of time but I wouldn't I thought everybody time. No are you an avid listener of hypotheticals? Paired. Okay let's see. Let's see how prepared you are. Okay. So our first game I thought we would go on team a little bit. Are you a terrible parent? Just, to be clear, you're not you are not. You're the best. This is just. I like to I like the clarification. Okay. So our first game, your daughter ten has a beloved pet dog who shits all over the house constantly. So what night you switch out that dog with a robot dog and no one notices because the year is twenty forty and robots have come a long way. Your daughter only gets suspicious ten years later when the dog is still alive and thriving, you end up having to put down the robot dog while your daughter is at college. So she won't find out what you did. Are you a terrible parent? S Questions, right? Yeah. So then my daughter will have the robots. And therefore, she thought the robot was her dog. Did they have the same personality? Yeah robots are really good into this was really will help strange robot. Dr. Right you you programmed it for what happened to the original dog. He brought it to a shelter. He gave it to what is good friends. I. Thought we were. Coming where you're bringing Ken onto, cancel him for rehoming your dog years ago. Please go on Alison. They still is a little personal I changed it to having a robot dog site. You did come off as bad as when you just made me give away our dog. See now it all comes out. All the time in your podcast year. I was GonNa say do you feel like you're like I made one mistake my whole God damn life and I have to hear about it every single day for my daughter even though I did so many good things for her all the time. Not only do I hear benefit the entire world to get your High. Parents have the same the same gripes. Alison doesn't hold a grudge though. I Don I feel like I. Have. I have forgiven you but it was also trauma should have my dog begins from. Dr. Well I. Love I love. This gotcha journalism we have going on here. Anyway. I do not think I. would. BE TERRIBLE BECAUSE It was just like having a real dog. Yet yoga she loved the robot rights. You love the robot was a robot dog that looked up your robots and that you didn't really liked the robot dog. That would be something different but here's since you didn't even know was the original dog new of the. And it lasted a long time probably longer than the real? Dogwood West. I think that was a good parents. Let me ask you a question..

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