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Of doing this season. What's the? This movie you want to win our? Oh, yeah. And the critics come on. No, I just let it go right through the other. The critics say this really wasn't took. Well, this wasn't a good movie. This is not a great film. I don't care what you critics thing. As you should absolutely. As you should. I mean, I I value a lot of their points. And for me, it's just fun to watch. This is why maybe the reason that the Oscars were considering that fan favorite category, which they then eliminated because it was so stupid the way they rolled it out. And maybe ultimately, it's a bad idea. And maybe it's because they wanted to get more of the networks action and comic book movies in. But it is for a movie like that that you could say, okay, maybe the critics didn't love it. But the fans did. So let's put some stuff in there for them with ten nominees possible. You kinda have room for that. Anyway. And as at least one of our guests have said today only eight films for best motion picture they had room for more two fifty seven into northwestern medicine newsroom will go with the stories the batter let's say hi to. And. Let's see Rokon an antidote Loftus after this podcast..

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