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Had a stop myself in the middle of a monologue and even with a production fees with the steve film of some earlier today with the joe when the evan program it just was like overkill i had a stop already ahead of a cut myself shored because it's like oh over acalan over could we know about the metropolitan's and even if they did speak out even if we heard from javed will pot even if we heard from fred will pond at matters more what they do and set of what they say and then they may not even know to say because of the simple reason that they don't have a plan or if they do have a plan they're not letting their fan base know about ads so the whole thing already knew not very good a here let me of well i get to it later on i'll take some calls and people are waiting and wola do the program as we always do haphazard what is it and what it is is again with a one eight seven seven three three seven sank six six six number to call with mohegan son swine touring all the calls 247 man is calling from long island man a new what's gone you are going on listen i wanted to hear what you i don't know if you saw but i uh i saw on twitter uh steve phillips the former mets gm i tweeted that we should feel bad for if he will pond because a d of could cook because of the ponzi scheme scheme and made off and ever i wanted to hear what you have to say about it well i did a whole monologue on it it's six thirty and day and again it was above listen i mean we've been talking about the mets forever it's not a news story and of course they don't have a connection with the fan base there heavilyindebt debt owned the they're going to reduce the pay roll and by the way in case you didn't hear sandy alderson has been extended he's getting a contract extension we don't know the.

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