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He he okay his yes yeah also accepting boats motorcycles rvs and real estate donations need a new heating system let the home depot do it for you our license professionals will do the job right and now get up to sixteen hundred dollars the online rebate when you purchase and install the new heating and cooling system to the home depot call one eight hundred home depot or visit home depot dot com slash each second to get started dalat on in home sales between october nineteen th december fifteen and installations completed in pain in full by december fifteen the right contended that can monitor fan highway patrol easa brazao causing a lotta delays to get alana's line southbound at brek near eighty streamline avenue just for the crash pence crash they are still pretty heavy trying to get to the outbound george washington bridge indian really not too much of the problem lincoln in fifteen out then that's a 20minute trip holly both ways it's about a fifteen minute go delays on the fdr from the 30's and 280 harlem ever drive southbound that's heavy to get to in dangle wanted slowing from thirty nights three on the brooklyn bridge the beach uei stays pretty slow too at the country's cabreja that's going to be busy both ways north don guardian stay tangestan poor 143 disabled anna crash in the.

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