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Graduation and how well they prepare students for college other area public schools that finished in the top one hundred nationally including the school without walls high school and Benjamin Banneker high school both in DC they rank seventy third and ninety ninth respectively also Poolesville high school in Montgomery County is ninetieth all hospitals canceled elective and non urgent surgeries to make room for X. an expected surge in covert nineteen patients now Maryland's hospitals are facing a revenue shortfall of a billion dollars in the second quarter the Washington business journal says hundreds of procedures that are typically revenue drivers for hospitals have been postponed in a collective effort to increase safe D. N. to free up beds Holy Cross health systematic hundred fifty new beds across two hospitals in late March and U. N. capital region health is re commissioning an old hospital in laurel to accommodate more beds there hospital systems around the country have laid off staffers not serving on the front lines and cut the pay of those who did stay on the Maryland General Assembly will not reconvene for a special session next month house speaker Adrian Jones and Senate president bill Ferguson say they came to the decision after consulting with health experts the only legal requirement was to approve Maryland's budget for the next year including a sweeping four billion dollar A. year overhaul of the public schools but the education legislation states that the plants can't take effect in the event of a severe recession governor Larry Hogan has a few more weeks before a deadline to take action on the more than six hundred bills the lawmakers have already sent to him six thirteen other news of the day almost half of Americans live in areas with unhealthy pollution levels a new report from the American lung association says that the error in the DC area ranks among the worst in the country continues to rank among the nation's worst twenty five cities for ozone smog in metro areas for ozone smog Kevin Stewart director of environmental health advocacy and public policy with the American lung association says that Arlington Virginia and Anna Rundle Harvard and Princeton were just counties in Maryland had the worst or F. grades on the other side of fog here in Frederick County Virginia got a grades Stewart said that climate change is still a major contributor and that these conditions could have a link to more people getting illnesses like the corona virus some very early evidence in this episode is she suggesting that exposure to air pollution may make people more vulnerable to covert nineteen inspection telling fox WTOP news a sewage spill into four mile run in Arlington was discovered and stopped yesterday but people are being warned to keep themselves and their pets away from the water's been no estimate on how much but a sanitary sewer pipe carrying waste from homes and businesses leaked into the stream near seventh street south it was no accident Arlington county department of environmental services spokesman Pete Culkin says a man hole was opened and rocks were dropped in someone or some people put put these rocks down there and that was blocking the flow and it was coming out of the mantle a work crew cleared the rocks and seal the manhole the county says people and pets should stay out of four mile run south of the spill until further notice Dick you only on WTOP news up ahead a positive from the corona virus crisis that comes from a new poll it's six fifteen sports at fifteen and forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank read hand let's catch up here with Dave Johnson this log you should not drive it go ahead do you jumping jacks it will help your golf game Julia the stack is director of instruction for the Baltimore golf academy there's these correlations between how far players can hit the ball with how high they can jump but we're trying to do a lot more athletic training with the kids and we never did before during this time important to find things to do with the golf club you know that thing where you just bounce the ball off the club you know watch Tiger Woods he would do it do it and then he would hit it well we can't hit it but you bounce the club see how many times you could bounce the ball off your club face it's almost like basketball players used to spin the ball on the finger this is kind of like the same thing for golf but it's hand eye coordination Porcher swing a golf club and what I'll take part of the twenty sweet challenge Giulietta will donate five dollars in Maryland food bank every time a player's wage twenty times at all my matches all you have to do is tweet after classic five golf that's the number five at WTOP has take to because we got a hunger they clued video feel like looking for the first one hundred golfers more golf tips and how you can donate at WTOP dot com and keeping what's going on overseas in South Korea of the baseball league there will start its regular season may fifth with no fans in the stands and after a meeting yesterday the German soccer league is still on track to resume it sees it with no fans in the stands at mid may Dave Johnson WTOP's sports okay day thanks up ahead president trump plans to block all immigration today will tell you about his coming executive order next six seventeen your favorite things feel made for you your.

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