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Eddie said also has a lisa pillow blanket at a foundation and frame that you could buy with your mattress we want you to try a leesamattress in your own home one hundred nights risk free it is available in the united states the united kingdom canada and germany online you get free shipping and it's one hundred percent american made and it's ships compressed into a box right to your front door or you can try it yourself at the lisa dream gallery in soho new york and virginia beach and over eighty west elm stores nationwide so get one hundred dollars off when you go to l e e s a dot com slash skeptics or a guys let's get back to our show but there are some other space flight news going on this week bub tell us about space x his latest launch yeah who baby uh so uh this past year your eighth space x lloyd's to classified military satellite made by defense contractor northrop grumman unfortunately the mission failed and the exact causes actually bit of a mystery which is kind of vodkas typically they're like pretty quickly these days yeah okay dismissed up whenever this one is definitely a horse for different color so these failures are so selfishly disappointed to be because every time this happened to they go well me walking on the moon just got delayed again sowa this was called this to sell it was called zuma after the southern california malibu beach but i don't like zuma sounds too much like that like zima to me remembers the other iwrinc alcohol so so this was a billion dollar spysatellite now imagine this kills me a billion dollars imagine spending months or probably years building this billion dollar piece of awesome classified hardware on only to lose it in in just a at an hour to staffer reaches orbit i mean i would just totally cry that these people must be devastated whose fault was it bob that's coming beta's common known don't ask me to jump the gun so the launch of florida's cape canaveral seemed to go very well made the first.

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