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Listen to Becky Ivan's in the big chair in the big chair broker of movers, real estate company and leader of the Becky Ivan's real estate team, and we have with us Mark Karr. Morning, Bucky. Good morning, Mark. We are. We had a guest cancel very late last night. We did. Yep. Eyes, so guess what we're going to do. Let's talk. What do you want? Talk about it. Would you know what we were on the way this and I thought We're kind of scheduled to talk about a different aspect of real estate. But for us, this is both a second career for us. We both started something second career. I've been in this 40 years, but it ISS But is your listeners? Your listeners know a lot about what you say you went from social work into realestate. And for a lot of people in real estate, they didn't grow up thinking I want to be a broker. I want to be a real estate agent. Kind of fact very few people had that direction from the beginning. So, So for a lot of us, it's kind of a we stumble into this. That's the kind of way I would put it for myself, you know? You end up just Circumstances in life. You come into meeting someone who is in real estate and you get intrigued by it, and it Takes off. Okay, Well, let me tell you, I did not get intrigued. That's not how I started. You started because of your experience. I started because of my frustration that I couldn't find a good real estate agent. I couldn't find an agent that would Return my phone call. Much less. Go Show me a house. It was a very unresponsive. Community at the time. And I will I was wanting to buy house. And I called and called and called.

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