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Thank you very much for your insights journalist and author sue just very briefly to mature. Include you in this. He's taken the time. And the trump to email. My daughter found this whole area very difficult and had few venues to discuss this. Space with huddles. Young people can be really honest are few and far between issues around safeguarding and confidentiality often work against these spaces. There you pull your waist if you find yourself in this situation. Don't shy away from it. We'll talking shying away introvert or extrovert. If you're an introvert. i monitor an extrovert. Can you make lockdown has added unique pressures. Someone who should know. John listen all through the wellness projects and self confessed introvert alley rossborough whose partner the east enders axa. James farrer is anything but an introvert and sonia barlow presenter on the bbc network comes at this from the other point of view on come to you in just a moment but allie. Good morning. how do you make this work. If you don't want to go out. And he loves going out. Yeah well james. My husband. And i have been together fifteen years now so we've had a bit of time to check out would say fast. Few years were bit. Tricky 'em i think of even knowing nothing ourselves and knowing whether we would internet extra vets say it took a time. And i do remember in the elliot's thinking Out our house in the diary we'd have to shed diary new things just popping in think home on an and that was tricky fa- main i am realized i had to articulate how i was feeding in i need it am in our relationship that i loved to go out with him. Spend time without friends and and be outside socializing but the author that i needed a bit of downtime to recharge my batteries and then i could go again and i think at the beginning that was a slightly difficult conversations have because i didn't want to make him build like i didn't want to go out with him. I didn't have fun with him. And luckily james is very intelligent emotion tension say and we come spoke about how i was interested in he was more extroverted more. Both of us as we need. I was gonna say. Has he found lockdown difficult extroverts of amino want myself found it quite tough not having busy social calendar. I think so definitely. I mean i think i found it easy. I was really relieved..

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