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S Congress to the Board of Supervisors, I thought it was going to be a complete disaster because it's Janice Hahn. But I have to stop and give her credit. And I've been tough on her in the past. So that's where this is coming from. She has been nothing short of magnificent through this entire process. And if you live in that district if you live in Manhattan Beach, if you live in San Pedro, you live in that part of L. A county Long beach. You should send her a note and thank her because she is one of the two voices of reason on that board. And she's asking all the right questions. She's voting the right way, and she's holding their feet to the fire. And in fact, you notice something, and I have to listen to a lot of these Board of Supervisors meetings now, because for some reason, I tasked myself the job of listening to every press conference covert related in every level of government. Catherine Barker and Janice Hahn. Both reiterate something and you could tell from the way they talk. They're voicing the concerns of their constituents. The other three are voicing the concerns of their consultants. That's right. Let's listen to Janice Hahn asking the fake doctor why they were pushing restaurants in compliance, punishing restaurants rather in compliance with health orders. In the press conference yesterday, Dr Frye thank you presented data that said nearly 20% of restaurants have been found not to be correctly following health guidelines like properly distancing tables from one another. And out of all the industries. We have the most control of our restaurants because we have ability to pull their permits. Wouldn't it make more sense to target the restaurant's not following the rules and shut those down as opposed to Uh, prohibiting all outdoor dining. Um, I think you know that that's always a possibility I want Oh, just be realistic that there there's I think 31,000 restaurants, you know, like county and our team as hard as they're working. On average gets to about 300 a week and again inspecting other places and responding to complaints that car, other sectors as well. Which means that there may be a lot of places that aren't slowing Uncle clients and creating our risk. Than anyone of us would like to have what you mean that you can understand the the suggestion from the restaurants who are saying 20% are bad actors. That means 80% of them are following the rules following the protocols have gone to great lengths to kind of, you know, invest in new infrastructures to allow for safe outdoor dining when it be a more strategic targeted way. Um, to address these surges by just shutting down those who are in compliance. I think that would be the case if there wasn't The sort of enhanced risk inherent In the activity that's happening at the restaurant. I mean, even if they're in compliance in full compliance, which is obviously so much better than that compliance. Because all of the people all of the customers are not wearing that face coverings while they're eating and drinking. There just is, ah lot of increased risk in those settings. And here's another good point that Janice Hahn brought up. What about these private parties? We hear about these air being bees for people rent these homes in the Hollywood hills and they have 9000. People show up And we've seen the pictures from the news helicopters for people are dancing in the backyard. They're dancing on the balconies. They're playing music. What about those parties? And what would you say to those people who say we are message so far has been wineries, Breweries, restaurants have been complying with safety protocols. It's the backyard parties and gatherings and Dodger celebrations that have Have made the surge happen, and we're just the easy way out is to sort of shut down outdoor dining because we can't shut down people's patios. Yeah, It's such a good question, And I know I'm well aware of the frustration here. I think for us, it's we have to do both. Way have to look at every single place where there's an opportunity to get back. Some control and part of this is because there's such a speak acceleration, Casey I think the time for us to have looked at You know, you know, perhaps taking different steps. Would have been, you know, Well before we hit the threshold, our problem is we, As you noted, jumped from 2000 cases for 3000 cases, then to 4000 cases and now You know, we're at 4500 cases in about 2.5 weeks, something that really none of us had anticipated, given how well we've done is accounting with messaging upto because E here. Um, but I think the frustration is, of course, you know, just even falling out with Dr Davis said. There's just we just can't say for certain where people are getting infected, how they're affecting others. We do know that it's obviously rich. Skate to be in an activity that you don't have your mask on. But again, the safety protocols investment that these restaurants have put. It just is why they're just, you know. They're just really angry and don't feel like we're making decisions that actually are reducing cases. That's a great point. And it's also a disingenuous answer because yesterday, Randy, the fake doctor also said that one of the things that would be permitted under her mandatory stay at home order would be pro testing. So she's unwilling to shut that down. But she's willing to go after restaurants and the reason that she's going after restaurants is because they have permits and they can punish them through code enforcement. Yeah, there's nothing they can do about private gatherings or Lakers Dodger celebrations in the middle of the street, and, in fact, you know you can't tie this to restaurants because we haven't reopened any restaurants in the last two or three weeks. The spike is directly related to people dancing in the streets for the Lakers for the Dodgers, and for Joe Biden has Nothing to do with outdoor dining, which has been a thing in L. A county since July, so there's nowhere to point for this, but they need a scapegoat for something. So it looks like they're doing something. Here's another good point. Why our retail shops allowed to be open but not restaurants Cut. Three last week You announce it. When we hit the hour to 4500 cases per day, it would trigger a safer at home order on blast week. That would mean on Lee, allowing non essential workers to leave their homes for essential activities. But after listening to your presentation On this new and improved safer at home order. Um, you've dramatically reduced the severity of that initial proposal that you made to us last week. Nonessential businesses will be very much open gyms will be open. Outdoor zoos will be open hair salons, mini.

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