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So it'll it'll definitely be a new way for us to be able to go and complete as in one thing that we have seen on what we call analog missions. Where we, you know, in some cases would go out to the desert and try to simulate this as best. We could is things like text messages seem seem to work better than maybe voice communication that way. You're not talking over each other. You know, if it just so happened to sin something at the same time. And you say, oh, wait, we you know, we were talking to the same time. You were we didn't hear you. Then you gotta wait another ten minutes before. They respond with with the answer. So things like text messaging works a little bit better that you don't get that kind of interference. Wow. That is going to be very challenging. But it is. It is interesting. It's not something. I would have thought of now you're not talking about ground support. You're talking about someone from the inside still having that real time communication, but the expert is on the inside reading everything they can still be listening here. So I think it'll be a lot more communication prior to the EV a and really going through in detail what those activities are going to be. And, hey, here's where you may see some difficulties or some issues if you do then you need to go to plan B figure out, you know, how you're going to take care of that real time. You know, maybe to that when you're on a surface that you're able to just come inside radio back to earth and say, hey, this didn't work, you know, plan for few days. And then we'll go back out again, it may be that our time and ability to do that will be easier and more capable than what we have nowadays. Absolutely fascinating. You know, Tara and art thank you so much for coming on describing what? It takes to plan a space walk. It's a lot of work and even executing real time. Just a fascinating coordination of all of these people to go towards this this this task of completing a spacewalk, it's really truly impressive. So I appreciate your time to further describing it today. Thanks for having us. Bring your. Myspace. Hey, thanks for sticking around. So today, we talked with Terry Yocum. And art Thomason about what it takes to plan and execute an VA we went into a lot of detail here. But the thing that they're actually inside we described it on this episode. It's literally a spacecraft shaped like a human body. It's called the spacesuit. We went into detail about the space that they actually use to actually conduct. These spacewalks on the international space station called the EMU Extravehicular mobility unit checkout episodes sixteen to listen to that episode that goes into depth about spacesuits, otherwise you can see some of the things we're doing on the international space station. Sometimes we actually broadcast some of these spacewalks alive on Facebook. You can also check us out on Twitter and Instagram. Do you have a question about any of this just use the hashtag ask NASA on your favorite platform and submit an idea for the show mentioned Houston, we have a podcast, and we might bring it on here to answer or either make a whole episode out of it. So this episode was recorded on September six twenty eighteen thanks to Alex Perryman Bill. Stafford Pat Ryan Kelly Humphries, Tim hall, Stephanie Sibylla and Jenny nuts. Thanks again to MRs terr Yocum. And Mr. art Thomason for coming on the show. We'll be back next week..

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