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I remember what feels like when with Kirsty McCullum many, many songs, her process of recording backing vocals, an approach of write lyrics, which I was privy to with something I would never give up. So this is my juice. Because us Asian. So me working on other projects. That's my vision you say, I'm sorry if you know some people the five years ago yet, but you supposed to stay stood against the wall it with the same hair. 'cause the other guys? Well, that maybe that vision needs to sort of widen a little bit and stuff and can a bit more communication because if they want to know what I think I think musician, and that was my instinct, you say, so may work with the bands and an after the Smiths doing what I've done was fantastic being guitar player. Another said awhile about now. I feel like as Qatar player of the best job of almost unequalled player of in very, very, plus it over to out little bit sometimes to do that. One thing I felt that I never heard from you in the book was a feeling that some people might get of like fear of, oh my God, what am I gonna do now? How am I is this going to be able to keep going. Because essentially there's a certain point when you're, you know, obviously had the in mouse mouse this period of essentially you're, you're like a an extraordinarily high level freelancer, you know, and so this didn't have a steady gig, but never seem to be fear of where the next thing is coming from. Yeah. Well. I don't think being in c- the let me see one joined the night in a okay, so and then when a left there, it was late night in night, two thousand four and a half years. I don't really feel like a freelancer. The didn't really feel like a freelancing gig and think if you ask not Johnson and James Allah and David Palmer, who was in the band when I woke up in the morning of four and a half years, who the guitarist in that bond was who so Johnny guitar by sort of mean inbetween when you weren't in electric, they weren't electric from what was electorally from electron informed in eight. Okay. Saint homes though, was into the and finished a guess what's he thousand two thousand one a think. So. Now you have to do the mossy like nine eight, nine years or something as kind of a long freelance gig always have been paid like a freelancer. So I don't really feel like not just. Kerm of musician been in abundance, you know which a fella communication when I was a kid felucca kit who'd been in the bans. Nominee dole has been in a law, bans vessel fail. Let's hear getting away with it by electric..

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