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To pell and bill whole fell we'll discuss issues in the workplace and talk with some of the most prominent and influential personalities in the labor community it's labor press sunday night's at nine right here on am 970 the answer so i absolutely love michaels of brooklyn it is my favorite restaurant in all of brooklyn right on avenue are endorsing the avenue if he ever go there it's like walking into another era you feel like you're walking right into the nineteen eight late 1960s brooklyn and the whole neighbourhood has changed around it but michaels of brooklyn you get the sense has remained the same i'll tell you i don't know whether it's remain the same but which speaking of ride gallimard they do a hot gone ahmad there that is out of this world uh joe piscopo turn me on to this incredible peppers dish that they have their the past of course is out of this world but the key to making the pasta great and all the dishes at michaels brooklyn great is the sauce so what they do is they actually make the sauce right there in the restaurant and in the basement used to be a party room they've converted into a sauce jarring rome and they jr the sauce i'll give go that you could be if you've nice to fred or michael lorenzo were johnny they'll probably let you see it and if you go down there you'll see them all day long there jarring the sauce and then they loaded onto these trucks and take it to grocery stores and after the sauce is absolutely phenomenal whether you like the putin nascar whether you like the tomato basil out whether you like the italian home style gravy our which is some debate about whether it should be called gravy we cover that would pakuba earlier there is a such something elliot about michaels of brooklyn and certainly something delicious so if you're ever in marine park or gravesend i recommend going to avenue are and no second avenue to check out michaels of brooklyn but you don't have to go there to taste michaels brooklyn just go to your local grocery store and try the michaels a brooklyn sauce it is absolutely out standing closer go to.

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