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Tim tebow has a new movie coming out titled run the race. That movie will be available across the nation and theaters on February twenty-second, the movie deals with two brothers and has a positive message to it joins ABC's. Good Morning America to talk about why he produced. This movie I read the script six years ago, and I never had the goal of getting into the movie industry, and I still really don't I just love telling stories, and I love encouraging people. And hopefully, that's something that this movie will do it will tell a story about overcoming and believing in each other and loyalty and support, and what faith hope and love can do in the midst of tough times than I really wanted to be a part of this story because I feel like young people in today's society, we need something to be able to take the whole family and watch a movie and be able to be encouraged inspired and go away with hope Tibo will be joining the New York Mets that spring training facilities down in Florida. He talks about his aspirations regarding baseball. I'm very excited. I'm ready. Yeah. Obviously the goal would hopefully be back here in New York talking to you again soon

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