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Politics took a hike for a day, at least on Casimir Pulaski day as elected, Illinois officials, and dignitaries. Use the occasion to talk about heroism and working together. Polish general counsel unit ski, drew rousing applause when he told the crowd at the polish museum of America that celebrating the heroism of general Casimir Pulaski, just demonstrates that. You don't have to be a US citizen to live and fight for this country. Mayor Emanuel sounded themes of partnership, we celebrate and remember one individual what we are really celebrating a remembering is more than that. Things that we have done together to respect individual rights liberties freedoms, and that together, those have to be always re ignited, and re energize mayor says it's about striving for common ideals, Craig Delamore, NewsRadio one one point nine FM crime stoppers group wants to stop crimes against the area's four-legged residents. I'm stoppers is looking for tipsters to call when they suspect an animal is suffering from abuse or neglect board member Mary Browning says that includes leaving an animal outside in extreme cold temperatures. If you have somebody in your neighborhood or you see a dog that continuously like chain to fans thirteen to a poll they can't move around very freely. Their dot ball doesn't even any water in it or it's constantly tipped over. But she points out. The tip line is not for nuisance complaints stories continuously barking or the dogs doing their business on my front lawn. If you're tip leads to an arrest could be eligible for a one hundred. Thousand dollar reward. Antsy hardy NewsRadio on one zero five point nine. FM health professionals are gathered in the western suburbs at a conference looking at ways to reduce the threats that face. Newborn Caprio is a co chair of the March of dimes forty fourth annual perinatal health conference in Lombard, making sure our moms have.

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