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The author of an upcoming four volume study leonardo da vinci rediscovered. Here's some leonardo disciples on the fringe at least once a week. She says <hes> a a recent example is to men said that leonardo's earliest dated drawing the arno valley from fourteen seventy three they saw elephants camels and birds. What essentially is a landscape. I commend them for their love w. nardo but said there are no elephants or other animals in the drawing. I started this image for a few minutes and i didn't see anything that remotely resembled any animal especially like an elephant for a few humanists. I was pretty sure i saw some sweet boobs. Oh hell is to finish those taught us for sure projected those girls into the image things that people do they see what they want to see. One of the more widespread leonardo theories involves the figure of the apostle. John was his vaguely feminine features in the last supper the idea here which parallels the findings of brown's <hes> robert langdon the fictional professor of somebody symbolic at harvard fictional is leonardo was depicting john but mary magdalene and the church authorities through the centuries waged a campaign to cover up this intimate relationship between jesus and mary zero reputable scholarship supports this interpretation of the last supper. You're we're gonna have some fun with this particular belief in a few minutes to really dig into this one <hes> the mona lisa has been the subject of a lot of non experts speculation hidden images in the painting have been found quote unquote by many ron piccirillo and artists in rochester new york claimed on his website that we looked at the painting upside down and followed the highlights of for portrait he was able to spot turned out to be a lion's head in a head in buffalo head. He added that quote for me. It helps to only use one. I and hand the viewer should be extremely close to the left edge of the painting good job ron. What do you get to the bottom of some shit. Nobody's time doing that very helpful very interesting. The vinci may have made it very very difficult to maybe kind of random spot a few dumb animals hidden into a painting what silvano people all dedicated so much of their lives so von of incentives and art history sleuth to run something in italy called the national committee for the promotion of historical and cultural heritage claims that he can discern minute letters painted. Mona lisa's is in the right eye for instance. He detects letters l. m._v._p. Louvre says that this is a very famous museum in paris. So that is examined the painting was every possible laboratory tests and has found no letters <hes> yes all the experts louvre must be hiding something fucking knights templar the puppets tons of conspiracies revolve around the mona lisa. There are hidden messages in symbolism to speculation and mona lisa's himself for an assistant dresses woman as i said earlier animal's numbers snead himself to painting. Maybe dressed as a woman. I hear that and i think who gives a fuck was davinci connected with the major ancient mysteries was a member of some clandestine secret society and those rules wackadoo tools or take your.

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