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So I don't know how some of the comparative be iffy, but a lot of people are talking about him being in all per corner back. And those stats just jumped off the page. So that's why I have them as my defensive player with you. They are good stats. So I went back just because I was curious. I looked up the AP defensive player of the year winners. And Gilmore did win it in 2019 before that, can you guess who was the most recent corner to win it before? Gilmore. Darrell read this? No, see, that's what I would have guessed. If somebody did, it would have been a hit, but no. It was 2009. Green Bay Packers. It didn't click in, man. How old Charles Woodson? Charles Woodson? Oh, okay. Yeah. I had it towards the tail end of his career. I was gonna say, dude, I feel like he was old in 2009. And before that, I mean, bob Sanders won it in 2007, but he's a safety. Deion Sanders 94 bots. So that's been. And then 1975 was the only other time Mel Blount for the Steelers. Yeah, so it's rare. Very rare. Going back to 1971, it's not even done four times. Yeah, I'll take my odds with Jude on over sauce. And especially on top of that, not only has it never happened or very rarely. What would have to happen for a rookie to do it. They're just going to give them rookie of the year. They're not going to give them both. You'd have to have. I agree. Insane. I don't think he does win it, but that doesn't mean he's been good for sure. I don't think he doesn't deserve it. Or at least. Did a defensive rookie of the year, it'd be him. Brian, who's your offensive rookie of the year? Offensive rookie of the year, Chris a lot of days. New Orleans Saints. It's got 72 targets, 43 receptions, 618 yards and two touchdowns so far. With not a great quarterback, I mean, honestly, I mean, I guess none of these rookie wide receivers have great quarterbacks, so I guess I can't really say. Except the sky more. He's not even on the field when he fumbles every time he gets a chance. So he's sort of disappointing, man. I drafted him and one of our fantasy leagues, I was in the first round. I was so excited and I also have guderian Tony on that team, though, too. So I have a decent shot to have one of the wide receivers that breaks out in that offense. The packers are supposed to have a good quarter pack.

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