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I am here today with the CEO and Co founder of Blue. Tag shop our welcome. Thank you for being here Dr Officers Today. Yes we're in Princeton New Jersey today. It's very exciting and I noticed that Lincoln was doing some research you had started in the jewelry business and you created this company this e commerce business. Can you tell me a little bit how you got into that? And what did you learn through that process about ECOMMERCE at the time? Absolutely so I got into that business. My background has been pretty much intact and Prior to starting dot I was working at another company where I was managing a lot of their internal website infrastructure. So when Back in two thousand and a lot of websites going online It just seemed like Julia was when it was still wide open. People were there was a lot of books. A lot of household items you could buy but there was no Yup Luna was a company that we're doing diamonds and patterns call Internet diamonds but there was nobody focusing on this mass market affordable jewelry and So I went down to Adam and district by knew somebody who essentially was had a cousin who was a big manufacturer out of the Julia Daman district in New York and pissed him the idea of starting this Selling Jewelry Online. And then we kind of just took it from there so you know and and a lot of the learnings that I had from that business actually helped me get involved with what I'm doing now with voice and the reason for that is that you know we didn't have a lot of other startups back then. Our business was not like venture back. We didn't raise like millions of dollars through venture capital getting luxury to lose a lot of money every year Revenge money and we just kind of took it from there so you know the only way for us to kind of survive especially when it came to dimes like that two thousand eight payment luxury goods selling things. People don't need was really a challenge and You know at that point. We kind of look back a lot at a lot of personalization so you can call it like Bay road designs you know. How do we make sure that anybody who spent something like fifteen hundred dollars for their engagement ring because they were? That's what does the target audience. How do we make sure that a good chunk of them also by that reading banks from US right and not even that at that point we would add another whole new set of A lot product line doing battle party gifts right so it was just about. How do we take a customer The cost to acquire customers extremely high. The only way it was gonNA make sense if you've ever do kind of personalized experience for each customer and segmentation was just not an option you know since then from me. This one on one presentation has been really big. You know whether it's things you need whether things you don't need luxury items and then I'll go back into a little bit of later in the days when we started seeing these initial voice devices started coming in you know Voice Assistance Alexa. Not even that many of them around but for me it was an instant reaction that understanding. Somebody's intent through voice and delivering personalized. Shopping is how bulk of digital chopping. Shoot eventually happen. And that's how I was born and you own the company with your brother which I I always think. That's interesting when people decide to work with a spouse or a sibling friend. They've known for years. What does that like working with your brother? And why is it important that the two of you created this together a few years ago? So yeah I'm working with my brother I think is something that I feel like you know we are first of all very different personalities and I think that really helps us kind of get to our You know what what that does is that you know. There's a lot of times where I might have an idea for example where it is something that I feel maybe is more like a North Star Idea. Right on that point Him being the brains behind all the technology that we have you know so. He's working on a lot of platforms. Before just like I've had startups. He's worked at startups also but his focus has been making sure that. How'd you take a technology company and make it scalable? And that's what he's done all his life so when we talk about you know. Let's say a lofty idea It is great. We don't say that okay. We're not going to get there but having the right path to getting there is something that you know. That's where I get that from him and at the same time I think I just feel like it's just like a little different Relationship when you are able to kind of be able to wake up in middle of the night and have an idea that you want to talk about and you literally can just call Dr. I think that's a unique quality that you don't do that a lot of co-founders even at the other stage but I feel like I can always do that right so even before starting the company I remember even previous businessman he was not in modern that you know I would always remember just walking to work and having some idea of Iran Christmas. Their sales are going really crazy. Like they have some tech issue like literally just getting into the habit of calling him so even before this business. Several years I've always consulted with about a lot of the tech needs that we have to scale a business and I think it was just such a natural thing that when I started this thing. You know it's like we already have this thing going on for the last five years even not working together so why not. Just change that so it definitely makes a difference. I think it says a lot about a company in it shows that you guys have a strong bond which makes I think builds a lot more trust in the company but more interest as well so tell us a little bit. About what blue tag does you've had it for a few years in simplest terms and then kind of how somebody can use your service obsolete. So Blue Dak.

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