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That is what we need to do. We don't need to have people running on treadmills for like twenty minutes. It takes too much base and takes too much money on electricite. That is just just going back to to the Powell mates and the pell lifting. Can you just describe what it's like for familiar of Bain to them. Oh Oh what a slack. But it's a good sense of community but come rotary everyone's GonNa there. There's music on in people yelling and shouting and you've got different different personality types. Yeah it's pretty. It's pretty cool because the and how we managed to Kinda like and I guess it locked but I guess there's also some sort of skill for us is that we we managed to create some sort of atmosphere around. That is really really really cool. And I've been I've done last time. I think I've done eight thousand nine competitions myself. I have exactly no occasions zero occasions. I had the privilege of lifting from that kind of audience that we've had on the permit Never and I've done Europeans world's multiple multiple table national championships and local meats and regional. So whatever and don't absolutely none of them we've had the atmosphere that we have here and it's very special I think that's is it stems by like it's a very tight community. People show up to see that to see their friends and so forth and especially on on the While the females are lifting females brings other females to watch them females also just happens to bring other guys watching them and it's still. It's kind of like that. New flavors seemed girls lifting weights. I think that's really really cool And then of course we have people watching the guys also but it tends to be less people watching the guys Because like everyone see once in a while the guy lifting heavy weights so that's not as cool but we have good. It's good atmosphere affair there also but I think the special special atmosphere comes when the girls are lifting and the easier the lighter guys live. That's insane I think the the last time we had the first Omani woman hating yeah that was on the on the five had at the hotel. Yes take the Dumont. Strength System guys brought one of the girls That was really really cool. And I think that but it's also something that is as for me really humbling. Being in this this kind of lack area or this region and being in the forefront of that because already from the start we had to Kuwait the guys came over for. I think it was the first or second maybe the second part meats and then they went back back and from that sprung. Do the Barber Club. So they have like a hobby in Kuwait. Then you had to monetize coming. We had a few guys from Saudi coming and all of a sudden this this small gym competition because still a gym competition is not like a massive massive event is starting to grow is more and more like a big event or having international the National People we have people in Bahrain so have Bahrain. Saudi Oman Yes coming in Kuwait all the Middle East. I guess you're the only one numidian. Wholesome mindblowing mindblowing? humbling and is very. We're very proud of that..

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