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It doesn't need roads but i know what was the other thing okay so there's that there's only at the end of repo man where they don't go into space but like there is an alien that's like in the car and they just fly over los angeles in a car i think it's like malibu flick an old malibu and and that's that's a that's a great a icon ending and then the end of greece which i don't know high vice for guy this is like one of the only things are remember about it i can picture it but i thought about it is like the three of a car flipping and they're like at the fair and they're doing a handdrive or whatever everybody's doing again their car and they drive off in the sense exit this the drive into the sun rather the sunset apparently because they like lift off from earth and everybody back on the ground is waving up at them like they're dying or something uh it's nursery of this at all in quito news saying is that the movie greece sinn tirelesly takes place and legacy on june a pair of simulation and '60s wherever nato actually an elian more sense yes it but he's axe really weird in that he yeah everybody just looks like like this is what teenagers are like this is what's thirty five year old jeff belanger from an old time look like and behave like oh also that now now if i'm doing where it association or indian of things association than it's also quoted in the video for it so so quiet but without a car bure just levitating above the on sample of dancers uh sending bjork into space would be way cooler he came from space already or does he adding her he's just cardinals route veered go home i think a beer.

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