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The philadelphia eagles the patriots have one five but the eagles did win five three nfl championships ninety forty eight forty nine and 1960 and that was the same year 1960 that in the old afl the boston patriots were born as we now welcome back in mike holmgren the head coach of the packers in the seahawks he won a super bowl is kevin harlem explained earlier super bowl thirty one with those packers coach did a couple of others for the forty nine or as the offensive coordinator coach doug peterson against bill bellichik this look like a total mismatch the best coach in the history of the national football league one of the best coaches of any coaching profession in any sport up against the guy and his first super bowl this looks like it's not very balanced here you don't yup it really does it in a reminds me of my first super bowl a little bit when i was going to gets bill parcells i was new bill was established he'd one super bowls it was really a david and goliath thing and so i kinda use that that week a little bit to spur my team i think doug is done the same thing i think doug is is a very very capable young man but he's going against the ultimate coach to you're the guy who set more records at anybody of rilya's there's one of the finest coached the ball time while the eagles coach peterson he turned fifty this past wednesday and after a 14year quart career mostly as a backup quarterback coach peterson turn to coaching a two thousand five four years as a high school coach and louisiana and then four years as an assistant on andy reid staff in philadelphia peterson then followed read the kansas city to be the chiefs offensive coordinator eagles higher in two thousand sixteen to be there 23rd head coach in franchise history well everything change for the head coach on weak fourteen carson wentz went down and on december eleven doug peterson solidified himself as the leader of this team will scot graeme and coach grin caught up with him and asked him what was the message.

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