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Doug alley been. This is all have unique all this week. Try and drop one in the coming days as well focusing on one of the other hall of fame inductees but my late head coach. Eddie sutton was is going to be inducted this weekend. Into the naismith memorial hall of fame. So what i did was. I reached out to a couple of my former teammates. Who i'm good friends with desmond mason. Adrian peterson and brian mati and i wanted them to join me and we kinda talked about stuff and get to understand what our experience was like for you understand what playing for him was like and why we all believe he belonged in for a long time and why we're so happy that he's getting in posthumously but he did find out while he was still alive and he did know that he was getting in it was an incredibly special and poignant moment usually i do a rant and talk ball a little bit open but i i just don't think the timing of that is great with this particular pods so just a little heads up the back end of it. I give you a couple of my thoughts. Here's we're heading towards the nba's postseason but without further eddie sutton my dad coach with him at creighton in the sixties and I told some of these stories previously all and we have so many episodes if you wanna wherever we have fun and you enjoy these you missed you. Know there's a two part was scott brooks with two years ago was kinda unbelievably good like how we talked about. Getting called up cut traded at different parts in his life all the different stuff. He's been through. It's amazing jay. Bilas was incredible Nick nurse join me years a couple of years ago when he first got the toronto job like we. Have you go back through the angels of it it's it's it's pretty awesome. But let me let me give you a my set. When i got to play for eddie sutton he.

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