Tommy Searcy, Toe Orange, Mayor Sylvester Turner discussed on Houston's Morning News


North as Georgia. Harris County Judge Lena Had Algo wants to says she wants to lower the threat level, but she's not ready to do it yet. The covert 19 threat level she hasn't it red. She is not ready yet and yet ready to lower toe Orange because of an 8.1 positivity rate, Despite Improving numbers elsewhere, the other indicator that we have for going toe orange is having the percentage of the I C U that is coded positive being below 15%. And we crossed that just today, Hidalgo spoke with our TV partner Channel to the city's positivity rate is 6.1% Mayor Sylvester Turner says he's more worried about reports of crowded bars, even though the positivity rate overall is down. The state is changing how it reports covert 19 cases because testing backlog skewed the data. Texas will now rely on the date the test was given not when the results came in. After being forced into virtual services. The Lakewood Church reopens October 18th for in person worship but at 25% capacity. Houston Fire captain Tommy Searcy will be laid to rest later this week. The 45 year old father of three lost his battle with covert 19 last week, Union president Marty Langton says Searcy was born as a leader. And other firefighters were inspired by his actions there numerous stories from walking out of fire and very calmly telling people they need to come in, and this is where they need to go and what they need to do to never stopping to help a fellow brother and sister..

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