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It's not just about the length of the slave per. It's all also about the quality of the slave. So thanks a lot for that wonderful advice. We've spoken about foods that are potentially not good for us sugar. Unhealthy fats, some sort of excessive animal protein, we spoken about fasting and benefits of doing. So. And now I wanted to talk about not as foods, but superfoods. What exactly as super foods? So there are a lot of superfoods and Amnon really right by what is what do we mean by SuperFood? Anything that turns on signals of health and wellness and vitality in our body is a SuperFood. Right. Anything that that turns on signals of of of illness and making us feel sick and tired and sleepy is the opposite of a SuperFood. Right. So again, eating close to the nature eating things that have had less processing less transportation from when they came out of the earth. So there have more Pranav more life in them is going to be the way to get more superfoods. And newer across the world. When you look at poppulation that live long and have really healthy people that are even later in life. They're still really healthy and looking good. These are people that are eating a nutrient dense plant rich diet reading unprocessed foods reading mostly plants mostly planet, and so the superfoods in nature would be the things that have a lot of color, right? Okay. So greens greens of different varieties. Spinach collard greens, kale. You know, you name it beans beans. Get a lot of bad rap, but beans are these wonderful SuperFood. Really factory of goodness that comes from major, and it's all vegetarian they're coming from plants because their seeds of the plant. They're designed to have all this energy and intelligence within them because he seems will stay alive and keep the DNA of the plan to live until it's time for Germany at which might be the next spring. Right. So the seeds can stay good for months and months, sometimes years. So different varieties of beans to having some green some beans root vegetables, like carrots, and sweet potatoes. Again, with color are would be in the category of superfoods Bates are really good beats are again a root vegetable that have cleansing effect and again in our Indian food, we eat things like okra and bitter melon. Those have really good cleansing properties for the body mushrooms and onions mushrooms and onions are in the category of superfoods, and then the big ones are berries and seeds against such think about a salad, you can think about having lots of greens in it have some beans beans will give you the protein as well as some complex carbohydrates, which fiber, right? Some onions with for some anti-oxidants mushrooms have some protein some antioxidants as and fiber which will go under jested in reform food for the gut bacteria and you put some berries on top. We'll give it some beautiful color a little bit of sweetness a little bit of tartness ending adopted off with Tim sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, and I try to have that kind of lunch every day. And then something like that since I switched to doing that..

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