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Both of those guys solid individual de la cruz. Jones been getting it done for years. Alex okafor june. Read the defensive line salad so when you good at all levels offense defense. The coached All right shots to Is just. They're in a situation to not have to be beaten now. Going back to my idea of keeping your head down. His can't beat yourself. You've done it a couple of times last year. We watched it happened once for sure. Maybe twice But kansas city based on what you have from literally all players special teams offense defense coaching. He should lose. Shouldn't i got a true Candy fan and i mean he would definitely probably argued at himself agree with that himself. A matter of fact you probably saying. I'm i'm not even talking about them in the best way that he would appreciate. But hey it's not. His shows mar all right so looking at the offensive. I mean looking. At the kansas city chiefs as team to be beaten in this division was still keeping the storyline. You know intact of you. Know the they're the villages here there the villains if any other teams division go get him. Go beat them now. This one is a little tricky as far as how. I think this is going to play out. This season on who i think is going to basically be two three or four. Because i was the number one is kansas city Because i can make an argument for why out any of these teams could be anywhere but based off. What i've seen last year based off what i've seen this off season. I'm going to go in this. One is going to be tentative on coaching depending on the coaching staff. Because it's new coach. I don't know how he's gonna do. But the chargers should be number two. It became city one charges to and denver. Do not get a new quarterback so going off. We'll be right now. They do not get a new quarterback. It'd be vegas three denver. Four vegas gets a new quarterback especially era actress. They shoot up to as high as number two. They're gonna go to one. Although some people say there is. I believe. I believe there is right now. To how many games. I forgot how many games do under but i think they said if they were to get rogers issued up to like nine or ten wins mighty. Eight could be wrong. You might be. It might be to eight. And then i heard debt yummy. But you know 'cause listed on on television. And i think they're saying that they can put him even at ten or eleven. Get rogers which again. Like i said tech definitely be the case writer can cities. Tina's probably not gonna lose more than a two games. Max so we'll see. And i'm talking about the entire roster entire schedules on us at roster but yeah that's what we're looking at man this division here man. Afc west is a is a division that you wanna watch. They'll they'll put up good gains for you. They'll be good games here all right now. Time for our quick break come back and we are going to go to the nfc west so stay tuned. we will be right back. This is your ultimate stop for everything. Sports the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. Melby the nba mma all in here the golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen all right. Thank you for your patience yet again. We are now onto the last segment onto the final division. And of course. I had to this.

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