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And I think that if they give up a decent amount of points to a Baltimore offense that no one's really scared of that it kinda change the narrative about how people view that defense. I mean, this is one of the first games in a long time where the ravens are coming in against a defense that people perceive as good and I would one hundred percent give the advantage to the ravens receivers over the corners. They're about to play. I think that right now John Brown and Michael Shropshire, you're playing better than James bradberry. Jackson, and that just hasn't been the case for the ravens for a while. And I think that's why this ravens team is a little bit different. I also feel like this Panthers team needs to get a little bit of pressure in order to shut teams down in the passing game. And there's not going to do that against the Baltimore offensive line. That's actually been really good this year agree, I favor. The ravens won Kevin before we get out of here. Very fast. Let's do. Let's get some geeks out some Kevin sneaky truth. I talked about this a little bit on Twitter during the game on Sunday. 'cause I want to talk about last week meeting. Get to it. I wanna talk about Philip rivers and just the nature of anticipation as a quarterback because when you watch him play that touchdown. He threw to Tiro Williams down the left sideline against Tennessee. Go back and watch. When he releases that ball, it is about three steps before Williams even starts that double move. And he knows it's going to be a touchdown. And when you're watching them play. I mean, we've discussed this a little bit on the show. He led leads league right now in quarterback rating wall under pressure and part of the reason he's able to do that is because when other people are having to kind of observe the secondary. And where the pieces are moving and then make throws and there's a little bit of traffic around their feet. They get distracted by the people that are pressuring them. And they only see those guys they dip there is than they have to relive their eyes. And then it's hard to make the right choice. Rivers barely looks at the guys down the field when he diverts his is back there because he knows what they're going to be. He's one of the. Artist players that has ever played in the NFL, and it permeates every single element of who he is a quarterback. So when you're watching that team play just watch how he navigates the interior the pocket when it's crumbling and watch how willing he is to let throws go. When guys don't look like they're open because he trust the route combination against the coverage. I mean, it really is unbelievable. Just the feel. He has for what certain plays of his look like against certain coverages. Yes, you a question. What are the chargers? Do you do in your opinion to have a chance against chiefs in a playoff game? Get Joey Bosa back and get their corners, right? What is their corners? Right, man. I think those guys seem to start playing better. It's the same guys. But they need Williams to start playing better. And I think the Desmond king is on the come up. That's what they need. They need their corners to be who they were last season. And I think that that's a possibility. Yeah. I agree. It's going to be really interesting to me. Okay. Real quick this. So this was submitted as a take shot by reader name, Nick, graduated from taste shopping sneaky.

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