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Reagan in return the senate leader would lend the democrat party a hand in challenging reagan in the 1984 presidential election the memorandum states the only real potential threats to reagan or problems of war and peace in soviet american relations these issues according to the senator without a doubt become the most important of the elect election campaign so so funny told the communists the ted kennedy controlled the american networks and they would send over representatives at hetty's behest and interview and drop off in and he could explain what a warmonger ronald reagan is ronny reagan and the that that way the democrats would be able to defeat ronald reagan honey remark that this is this is from the memorandum kennedy would make certain that the networks gave the russians airtime and that they would rig the arrangement to make it look like honest journalism you know kinda like the thought vastly guy this is direct quote from the from the member of the kgb memorandum they they got this win the soviet union fell in nineteen eightynine funny remarked that the senator wants to run for president in 1988 kennedy does not discount the during the 1984 campaign the democrat party may officially turned to him to lead the fight against the republicans and elect their candidate president ted was having an elusive nation you know what happens when you lay off.

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