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Roosevelt Amir's Yosemite visit has been called the most important camping trip in history. Afterward told friends I never before had so interesting hearty and Manley companion. I fairly fell in love with him. For Roosevelt part. It seems his time with Moore had surpassed his expectations, whatever downside express ahead of the trip in his letter to John Burroughs. He told reporters immediately afterward. It was bully. I had the time of my life Roosevelt later road of Muir. He was what few nature lovers are a man able to influence contemporary thought and action on the subjects to which he had devoted his life. He was a great factor in influencing the thought of California and the thought of the entire country. So as to secure the preservation of those great natural phenomenon, wonderful canyons, giant trees, slopes of flower spangled hillsides, which may California a veritable garden of the Lord returning from his trip. Roosevelt was recharged with the love for the outdoors, but he understood he still had work to do the time spent with Moore had helped the. I understand that Yosemite and the Mariposa grove could not be trusted in the hands of the states. Federal intervention was required to protect his natural wonders to keep his conservationist agenda on track. He would need to amplify it. In March nineteen. O five Roosevelt began his second term this time as the president, the country chose a little over a year later, he signed a pair of laws that would prove key to his environmental legacy. The oh seventy recession, Bill signed in June nineteen. Oh, six took the Yosemite valley grant and the Mariposa grove of giant sequoias out of the control of the state of California instead place them solely under the protection of the federal government as Yosemite, national park the same month Roosevelt signed the antibodies act allowing the president to create national monuments from federal lands. The goal was to establish legal protections for important, cultural and natural resources. And as soon as the law was official Roosevelt set to work before the year was out. He set aside four new sites, including devil's tower while homing El Moro New Mexico and Montezuma castle and the petrified forest in Arizona. Eventually, the law would be used to protect many other areas such as south Dakota's jewel cave, Utah. Ause natural bridges in Washington's Mount Olympus. Another of the sites was the Grand Canyon in January nineteen, o eight Roosevelt secured nearly eight hundred thousand acres of the Grand Canyon as a national monument paving the way for Woodrow Wilson to eventually designated a national park in nineteen nineteen Roosevelt would describe the Grand Canyon as the most beautiful scenery in the world. Roosevelt would leave behind a legacy of conservation in the course of his presidency. He established one hundred fifty, national forests, five national parks and eighteen national monuments. He protected approximately two hundred thirty million acres of public land. He saw in America's natural wonders, riches that surpass material wealth in his view. Conservation was intrinsically linked to the idea of manifest destiny the country. Now, stretched from coast to coast. He saw places like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon as hard won trophies their splendor earned through successful American expansion. The country needed to protect these natural treasures for future generations and hold them up as evidence of American greatness. Roosevelt started progressive era of environmental reform. His impact on the conservation and creation of national parks and monuments would be felt for generations. What his record was not spotless. Just two months before Roosevelt signed the anti. But he's a massive earthquake rocked San Francisco and set off an epic battle to secure the city's water supply that would leave a stain on your seventy and Roosevelt's legacy for decades to come. On the next episode of American history tellers to of Roosevelt's closest allies have a philosophical falling out over proposed dam that might save San Francisco, but drown portion of John yours favorite place on earth from wondering, this is American history. I hope you've.

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