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Us. Actually resolved political differences so representation at the local level would be more emblematic of that local culture tradition inherited. It was first tried all the way back in 1985. And this time the bills sponsored by representative Bob Chase, and representative Bob McCaslin, both of them from the Spokane area, Carleen Johnson, Come on news. Come on his time now. 5 37, The man accused of making a bomb threat near the FBI field office in downtown Seattle over the weekend, was in court yesterday. Julio under his Ramirez Santiago, was arrested Saturday after claiming there was a bomb inside his truck, which was on fire outside the building. Police say he admitted to being a methamphetamine user. And said that voices told him to park there. He's now being held on a quarter million dollars bail after a judge found probable cause for a bomb threat and first degree reckless burning. The push to reduce funding for the Seattle police Department is still up in the air. Co host Matt Markovich has more. The eventual arbitrator who must approve changes at SPD going forward won't be the mayor or the police chief or the City Council. It's going to be federal District Court Judge James Robot. Unlike a mayoral veto, the council cannot override the judge's rulings. So the council's normal powers to enact legislation under the city charter do not apply as they normally do. Because of the consent decree for nine years, Judge Robot has overseen efforts for better accountability at SPD and future changes, including a revision to a potential ban on crowd control methods like blast balls. He will have to approve any changes to the policy have to go through this court mandated process, The State Patrol says. A protest on I five yesterday in downtown Seattle was not only illegal, it was dangerous. More from comas, Joel Marino, This group essentially packed a couple cars in the lanes of traffic right down there. They also painted that BLM message right in that spot. Now they made it so that other drivers couldn't get around them, then stood in the road holding hands. Super say, given all the risks, so standing on a freeway, it is fortunate that nobody got hit Air four got overhead, Justice State Patrol showed up. Big backup of cars had already formed near the Yes, we're over passing out in front in the.

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