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You podcast join your host michael jenna for conversations with arise research program participants and their mentors as they talk about their experiences and how they are helping shape the future science welcome to the arise feature cast happy wednesday and welcome to another episode of the feature cast. We have an interesting episode today. This is something we've never done before. And i'm really excited to have the opportunity to talk about one of our post doc programs in addition to a couple of the participants the program manager and a adviser. So we've been a lot of people That we're going to hear from today and i'm really excited because they're all fantastic. This is a great program. We're talking about the intelligence community post doc program and What i wanna do is introduce all the folks. Who are you're going to hear from and then we'll get started with a question so nevada. I'm going to start with you. Tell us a little bit about who you are and A little bit about your background. Hello everyone and Thank you so much for having me today. So my name is nabila shehab. I'm an. I see dr research associate at noah. Air resources lab in oakridge tennessee. So i started my shape in january. Twenty honey in order to optimize the use of existent federal data to improve the modeling of the atmospheric bulletin dispersion in washington. Dc so just concerning my background. I grew up in tunisia where i obtained an engineering degree in agriculture sciences. From the national institute of tunisia. Then i moved to france where i pursue my masters in agro ecology and my phd in environmental sciences. Then i joined the staff. At noah irael in oakridge in two thousand sixteen in order for my nrc research falls working on ammonia emission in several ecosystems. Awesome you've been around the world allowed you in tau. Welcome to the rugs future cast. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I sell insurance album. I'm a third year post doc. Fellow program i'm was originally trained as more of a theoretical colleges but I now work with can lafferty at uc santa barbara. On problems. there are sort of at the interface of traditional epidemiology and.

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