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Do you have more and mark this is a great show today we have a lot of questions and I'm glad because I know people are doing things themselves and I have to say something about this yeah you have time to do it right now so and the box stores are open for essentials we're not Michigan with my pain thank you governor Inslee I I think that this is great I think it adds to your mental well being so we want to go through all those types of questions today about anything and everything you want to know about your home and I don't think that it's very important I assure you to we're going deal being stuck at home in the nice weather we've noticed one of our tables outside which is a wooden tables been weathered as we were wondering what do I have to run down to the store to get some stain some sealant then we went for cabinets and you forget what you keep and the extras and we found the stain Tammy and we played with it and it's it's it's beautiful it's so funny yes right before he had for the store god help the garage in the basement look to see what your health yeah I'd be very through yeah you know it it what is the and he would say that I'd be the one which is well I probably want to change the color so I wish he should finish right making it more complicated because he would want to do that I'd be like yeah but I want to change so you can both be right I I think that that is what also makes some of these things bonding and find but certainly I would I would want to talk about though is all of the different things that people are going through and so painting your cabinets Susie are you still with me okay we we I think we apparently lost you have got a market standing by okay let's get Margaret okay Margaret Margaret I'm are great Omar he you know it's just real quick I just wanted you to repeat those two plumbers named activewear need right now oh gosh I bet you are because you know people don't know who to call it what I will say to you is Neil plumbing is just my favorite and you know they they don't over charge their conscientious I'm sure they're providing space safety sensing and they're essential so right now what is essential about it will health and safety if you can't run warm water in your kitchen sink you know you have a problem that needs to be addressed so that is something that I would recommend that you have a plumber come in also you know that for your shower your bath tub those types of things in toilets oh my goodness and that was one of the reasons why Lowe's and home depot are open is because those are health and safety and we want you to know that so I would say o'neill and the gentleman recommended Aurora and I've only heard good things about them so I hope that helps okay non advertising plumbers are welcome here with Paul and recommendation of you because I think this is what the show it's always been about is lifting each other up and helping one another out and that's why we're trying to do and you know what if I'm shooting myself in the foot right now by not having you call sound kitchen and bathroom decorate your kitchen remodel your kitchen because you want to save a little money I'm okay with that I do want to tell you that you're gonna paint over something that in fact is going to be as dysfunctional as it was before in painting your cabinets is going to be a lot more difficult than you think but you know I want people to know that they can this is something that they can do so how do you do it well first of all you got to get the right tools I think that's important you want to make sure that you get a very good quality brush I'm a pretty girl myself and then you want to make sure you read to remove the doors and the hardware removed the drawer faces as well if you look inside the drawer this just you know screws the just bolted on so it's not it's not hard please don't take those with their still attached it's really important remove all of that you want to clean the surfaces to be painting painted and you can use pretty much anything to clean the surfaces you want to see on this bloody completely dry sand the surfaces do you want to prime the doors and in fact the drawer fronts I mean alcohol based primer fan so I would say that you know like kills bins are to be in good shape with that and then so you prime the cabinets and then apply two coats of paint and be forgiving with yourself okay because you're going to see things that in fact you will look at it is okay to then go on lights my recommendations earlier about you know do it yourself I want to also throw in there bear has a very good cabinet paid and so does Val spark and those are available through boxers but guess what you can even if you know the color you want they will be will you hate so that's another thing that you should know and we'll get into some chalk paint also because I think people are just looking at these kinds of things to save themselves money you know for sound kitchen bath we're gonna be there when you're ready to remodel it we're there right now we are definitely looking at your home and the long Ingevity and the property value because a remodeled kitchen is and bathroom is something that it whether you hired my company or hire someone else I don't want you to think that painting your cabinets is the panacea for everything it isn't but you know what right now if I can save you some money I certainly want to market we quickly give out her number.

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