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All right time for fast. Track ramona's information michael thompson hanging around. We always start with the ceremonial coin. Flip ramona tonight. Believe it or not. The knicks are two point. Favorites over my lakers. Call it in the air heads. My lakers win tails ben. Lyons knicks win your lakers win. John here lakers win. Sorry ben nine tonight. Sorry okay we're gonna you get a choice you can go first or you can. Defer what do you wanna do. I'm gonna go i i. Hey john you know what your game that you guys were playing the other day. Got me interested in the masters you pick to is going to win. I don't know if any of you won by the way no we didn't want somebody had zander. Shafi right may not choked up that choke job on sixteen. So that's my question. Did did not see the key. Matsuyama did he win the masters or did everybody else lose. Michael i think everybody. I think shaath lost it now. Yama was trying to give it away up. sharply has never taken a triple. Bogey in three years on the tour and he took a six on a par three. Yeah i agree. I lots yama might might of held on by one. But once he saw what Shafi did on sixteen and he could act say on. Just relax on. The way and that was one of them was almost greg. Norman issue is brutal to watch live. And i was like. Oh yeah well in two thousand nine hundred ninety one. The field gist crumbled around him. Yeah right on right on number twelve last year a couple of years ago. Jordan speeds eric's kapka voluntary all went in the water on an easy shot and maybe tiger keys in his backpack amazing because they were playing together shuffling playing final group and Softly birdied four in a rows putting the pressure on them. And you could feel it like. Oh we're going to have a good finish year. Meanwhile the young kids alatorre was amazing. He was a great play. Great that it's going to be around. Michael and i were texting yesterday. That kids going to be around for a long time. Imagine how much money was going to make off this masters winner japan alone at least fifty million more in endorsements i'm getting. I actually have two masters class. I'll i'll follow that up next. Oh i have a master's went to Okay when matuyama surprised everybody by winning the masters. He became the first japanese man to win at augusta in kind of touching moment after his last hole. I don't know if you saw this. But his caddie walked back to the eighteen th hole and did a to the flax to thank the people at the masters. of course. Yeah michael and i. Ramona have been arguing that since the start of the pandemic. the handshake is dead. People aren't going to shake hands anymore. We think michael. And i think momo that it should be replaced by the bow. There's an important part of the bow that needs to occur if we go this way. I'm gonna leave it to the great. Larry david once learned about this on. Curb your enthusiasm to explain it larry's walking in a park and he sees two japanese men one guy excellent bentley knocks over the other guys ice cream cone. And here's what happened next. Yes i noticed that when you apologize to this man you gave him a rather deep bow. Almost ninety degrees yes. I spilled ice cream. So i started so i apologize to heap. Yes the other night. A japanese fellow apologize to me as he only went down a few degrees kind of like. Oh these not to you know he was not saudi at all. He did dismissive of you. This is yes. I got a dismissive. Yes Thousand bow got no abou- would be better than that so lona as long as we commit to a deep bow. Not a dismissive bow. Do you believe that the bow could replace the handshake as a greeting a first of all. It's really funny. Have you ever seen that. I have if i started watching good. That's actually one of the shows. I started watching the pandemic some kind of catching up. Everybody but i actually love the idea of the bowery placing. The i started to do that before we all shut down the virus. I think thomas day like you put your hands together. You gonna nominate k. That's a cool. That's a yoga class. Thing that i do right but i actually think that what's going to end up happening is the elbow. You gotta touch. People by touchy joe. Gaffney fans coming back to staple center on thursday. You and i've got a start this bow. Yes we we're gonna michael going to try to head not at the head of the nama. Stay bauer you. Put your hands in front and bow. Judge is also very good all right so we'll work on that memo to you okay. john. I'm gonna do another master's theme question. Hey from the new york times Benjamin duly from the tokyo bureau has it says that news reports have speculated that matsuyama decky. Matsuyama will be drafted to light. The olympic cauldron at the games this july but this morning amateur for anybody who was on his flight caught him on a six forty five. Am flight from atlanta to chicago where he was expected to connect and fly back to tokyo. He was sitting all by himself. There's a photo that's going around the internet. it's great. I'll show it to you. Michael studio where he's sitting by himself in the green jacket just draped right on the airport like he's like commercials right there closet the green that's awesome and share share that you're in the atlanta talking to. Nobody was talking to him. He's just sitting there all by himself. I think he understands english. Yeah oh yeah. He said it in the interview afterwards. He was talking. I'm really happy right now. What is the i. Don't want to blame this on him. But i don't know if you can really celebrate these days. I think the lakers had a little celebration in the bubble. But have you ever had something where you want something really big and you had incredibly disappointing celebration. It's a good question michael. What did you do when you won your titles in the eighties. Big parades man. Me was huge huge rallies and everything around the farm so it was cool are so i can't believe matsuyama -mercial going there and rebels twitter. Send it to you if you wanted to fly..

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