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Way to talk to him no he's not going to he's on the follow up on any promise there's a way to get us out of this and we have to fight it's like dealing with charles charles manson you know yet i mean he's he's he's not irrational human being war is look we'll we'll us all absolutely nothing will this is not a good deal we go to war with him at all we gotta find a way to boost out of fine we are going to look if you're gonna keep fuck well the military people i talk to agree with you that this is not the way to do it and that war would be a real real mess so well thank you for your call it's first light and we are going to tom in naylor the other missouri good morning tom good morning uh i hope we don't go to war uh we don't need there but trump had backbone and he does it catered to the media hey fair he says what he thinks obama was the worst i wouldn't do anything and that's for ron that guy at crazy guy to call the end but anyway i hope we don't go to war the north korean guy he's not i agree with you on natty he's a total knack but he did better get the message yeah i hope he gets the message i hope he gets the message and you know if it has to be war it's just that i wouldn't make more my first move and so far we haven't nikki haley did a great job at the un security council rex tillerson is on the case and so uh if there's a way to avoid this i sure hope we find it because they hi this is too all right i uh i i'd like to have some retirement money to go to some of these was right thanks for calling its first light at its jason in sycamore illinois oh boy oils let alone a little orlando's bullshit alone.

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