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22, a fugitive who was sentenced as part of a sex trafficking ring in Virginia, Maryland and the district sentenced to 18 months in prison. Ramon campos Murillo went to Mexico to avoid arrest, authorities tracked him down in 2021 and extradited him here earlier this year to face charges. Justice Department says campus Murillo helped arrange the prostitution and drove the young women to the locations, at least 7 other people were convicted in sex trafficking offenses in this scheme, Justice Department says it also operated in Delaware and other places. A man from Clinton, Maryland is accused of fatally shooting another man last month, 20 year old Trayvon Cox of Clinton charging connection with the fatal shooting of 28 year old Stanley Raimi, on August 17th, Raimi was found unresponsive in the parking lot of a barber complex suffering from gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say Cox was identified as a suspect and arrested. He is charged with second degree murder and related charges. In a criminal case, the prosecution has to prove the defendant guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Now, one former Northern Virginia prosecutor is trying to raise those doubts. The search for justice, no matter what side of the law you're on, is about trying to do the right thing. Ryan Fitzgerald's prosecuted thousands of criminal cases and Stafford county. Now he's a partner in a law firm as a defense lawyer. A prosecutor's role is to find justice, but a defense attorney does justice for his client by defending him. He knows the different jurisdictions have different takes on justice reform. Judges and prosecutors and defense attorneys and jurors and witnesses, they're all people. And so you have to know the people that you're dealing with. Three 24, Prince William county officials are thinking about changing how the public comments at board of supervisors meetings inside nova reporting that the board chair recently voiced concerns about public input, making the meetings too long, especially as residents have expressed support and concerns about the PW digital gateway project. That project to put over 27 million ft² of data centers along a stretch of pageland road as quickly become a lightning rod for controversy, taking up much of the public comment space over the past year. Fairfax county looking at a way to potentially overhaul the way garbage is hauled as people have been complaining about private collectors not showing up. Many who rely on private trash collectors in fairfax county say they've been unreliable, and county board chairman Jeff McKay says the plan now is for the board to look into how it can provide more oversight, potentially by entering into franchise agreements directly with the private haulers. You'll look at what all of our options

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