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These two teams rematch from earlier this year January second was what these two played down in Columbia South Carolina the Gamecocks won that one ninety nine seventy two South Carolina at that first meeting shot at sixty one percent and what the board's forty to twenty right our ported twenty eight points to the average for Kentucky but coach Matthew Mitchell as you've heard free game is just talked several times he's brought it up over and over about how poorly he thought his team played in that first meeting they played a lot better here today but still South Carolina has been able to assert control leading by as many as fifteen to at that second quarter before Kentucky was able to mount a comeback it cut it all the way down to six but South Carolina got back to tia just before the break checking the US central bank SEC scoreboard earlier today Tennessee played host to Vanderbilt in Knoxville will try to get us about dated stores there is it is a packed house here before you old Coliseum they are filled to the rafters today for this match up which we double what South Carolina and fourteenth ranked Kentucky yeah we're trying to that's a technical difficulties here to happen the that is spilled over to our school board updates as well South Carolina thirteen though with the SEC entering today they've won twenty in a row they lead Mississippi state by two games in the league states losses are to the Gamecocks head to Kentucky so wait today for self care a lot of would clinch at least a share of the SEC regular season title Wildcats center today in a three way tie with Arkansas Texas a and M. at nine to four L. A. she was fifth a bigger part six that the state exit eight five Kentucky's the C. rather is seventh at seven eight six and then you have the upcoming opponent Georgia at five at eight thirty three way tie with Alabama and Florida well the central bank SEC scoreboard Tennessee defeated Vanderbilt in Knoxville today sixty seven to sixty three the only other game occurring right now is that they have to provide Mississippi state leading Alabama thirty seven to twenty seven at halftime it start bill coming up at three o'clock this what should be tipping off any minute now Georgia visits LA shoot down a bat roost all parties at number sixteen Texas stadium today at four o'clock also at four PM number twenty two Arkansas all the road at Florida in the late game tonight at six o'clock it's old miss visiting Missouri that's a look at your central bank SEC scoreboard as we are at the half Kentucky leads South Carolina forty to thirty will take a time out to be back in just a moment of the UK sports network.

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